Saturday, May 2, 2009

save earth

Saturday, May 2, 2009
i have nothing to blog bout today.
morning. went tuition.
kyan was emo-ing.haha. cause she tak boleh pergi leehom comcert !
nevermine.. just go watch the leehom DVD that we all gave you ok?
and to suk khuan. never give up and just try your best !!!

i just read some articles just now which i find it interesting !
for example. this news.

Norway tests laptop exam scheme

School exam, PA
The trial of the laptop system involved 6,000 pupils

Every 16-19 year-old in Nord-Trondelag county in Norway has been trying out the laptop-based system.

The secondary students are given a laptop by the government when they turn 16 to help them with schoolwork.

During exams the specially-tailored software springs into life to block and record any attempt at cheating.

hey ! this actually saves the earth for not using papers !!! we waste a lot of papers because of exam, homework and etc. we should start using technology to solve this problem as humans are always finding ways to create better technology to make our lifes easier.

why bother photostat-ing and clipping the papers when you can just give each student a laptop to finish their homework and also do exam !!!

but i don't this way will work well in Malaysia cause.

i don't think they have that many budget to give each student a laptop.

malaysia is famous with their system down and whatsoever.

there are not enough people who are proffesion at this science&technology field is said malaysia's best achievement is sending angkasawan for a holiday?

btw, the full article could be viewed here

another news i found out is

New rival to world's tallest man

A new contender for world's tallest man has been discovered in China, after he attended hospital for surgery.

Zhao Liang was measured at 2.46m (just under 8ft 1in) by doctors in Tianjin, where the ex-basketball player was being treated for a foot injury.

It puts him 10cm (3.9in) above the official title-holder, Chinese citizen Bao Xishun, who was first recognised by Guinness World Records in 2005.

Mr Zhao, 27, is now seeking official recognition of his huge stature.

Until Mr Zhao is independently measured by judges from the Guinness team, he cannot be officially considered the world's tallest man.

The current holder, 57-year-old Bao Xishun, stands at 2.36m (7ft 8.95in) tall.

full article click here

there goes my random post !!! haha

credit: BBC News Asia-Pacific,


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