Friday, June 26, 2009

Full House remake?

Friday, June 26, 2009 1
Yes. if you are a fan of Full House where Rain and Song Hye Kyo acted in.
you should know that Full House 2 MIGHT be coming out. but cast might be different
but now there's another thing more interesting.
Taiwan is going to make a remake of Full House. with a little different at the beginning of the story.

Rain & Song Hye Kyo

The actor is Wu Zhun and actress is going to be Zhou Xun. Both are very famous.
I think the drama is going to be nice as the actor and actress are good.
and the Taiwan's production stressed that its not a remake of Full House the drama
but the remake of South Korea-selling comic book adaptation “FullHouse”.
AREN"T IT THE SAME ?!?!?!?! they just don't want the drama to be compared like how boys over flower are compare between the Taiwan version and the Korean Version.
TOO BAD LA. KOREAN VERSION OF F4 are soo much more better. but in acting skills i can't judge cause im didn't relly watch all the episode of the Taiwan's one cause its too many episodes.

back to Full House,
i wonder how the taiwan's full house going to be like.
and if the drama is a hit, taiwan's Full House is going to be a tourist destination in Taiwan like the one in Korea also.
Lets see what will happen when the drama comes out..
but i think i will still like the original Full House drama
cause there's Rain that had showed his acting skills which made him known worldwide because of this drama.
and its funny cause i watch is for like at least 6 times already !! AHAHAHA

anyway just look at this news about Taiwan's version where there's a difference from the Korea's version.The korea's version one is the Song Hye Kyo's (Han Ji Eun in drama) friedns created and sold her house to get the money.

***The new version of “Full House” closely in today’s Chinese are most concerned about cross-strait issues. Drama directed by Taiwan director Niu Ze will be in Taiwan, the mainland between the viewfinder, the story describes the two sides separated by 60 years, Beijing girls from Taiwan Zhou Xun suddenly informed her grandfather’s legacy to inherit, she came to Taiwan all the way and found his grandfather’s house been leased to big movie star Wu Zun, robbing her of her heritage, some do not like Wu Zun, but the love of seedlings in the exchange of blows friendship grows but slowly growing.***

RIP Michael Jackson

Many people in the world today are shocked today.
because today, June 26, 2009 is the day The King of Pop Michael Jackson died.
Hope he'll rest in peace.
He died because of
cardiac arrest, at the age of 50.
I still remember there's even plans that Michael Jackson will open a concert again but it looks like it will not happen and everything is a history now.

I just posted here a post to wish rain a happy birthday.
And today is the day Michael Jackson passed away
Rain that is going to Macau from Korea's Icheon airport received the news about Michael's death.
It is said that he couldn't believe that this happened and commented
“Even though he’s passed, his status will forever remain strong and influential. I feel extremely sad, he will forever be in my heart, he is my idol.”

Many artist had quoted about Michael's death
Some of the artists are Mariah Carey,Miley Cyrus,Britney Spears,Mandy Moore, and etc.
Many people started to dance and sing because of him.

The only thing that i can remember is listening to Billie Jean. i think i first listen it when i was young.
And his moon walk style will always be remembered.

credit : K-popped,

Anyway today is also considered a shock for students of SMKSBU
cause today is open day. THE REPORT CARD DAY !
ahhaa i was planning not to even come to school and told my parents not to come
but they insists to take the results. and guess what... my mum asked my brother to go instead !
i went together with my bro and took my results.
reach school at around 11.30 and the class looks totally empty !!!
soo little parents came. oh well i still took my results.
and just found out that my neighbour 2 houses away from my house
where 2 of her daughters are in quarantine now. cause one of the daughter went Thailand and the other daughter went KLIA to pick up the sister
and both are down with fever. but no H1N1 so they are under quarantine at somewhere.
and everyone. beware cause this virus is spreading fast.
take care !

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thursday, June 25, 2009 0

Happy Birthday to an artist I idolised


May everything he's doing now will be a success like
- Fashion brand 'six to five'
- J.Tune's trainee trained by him will be a success
-NO more law problems with the Hawaii lawsuit
-Be the best artist in promoting Seoul,Korea
- Asian Concert that is going to start soon. * COME MALAYSIA AGAIN*

Hope your Six to Five fashion show in Macau will be a success like the one in Korea and Hong Kong.


This virus is getting scary !!!
it seems like everyone is getting sick. like today the kyan sot is having fever.
i just came back from tuition and i got to know pandan indah school is said to have one students infected with H1N1.
and my add maths tuition teacher was coughing.
and look at our expression with or brains thinking of H1N1.
so he went out an took a mask and wear it to teach !!
hahhahha. it was funny

anyway, today is coop's last day of food sale
and its also the amazing race game !!!
i'm glad what i did was ok.
at least there're ppl coming to participate.
a lot of last minutes too !!!! if not, i already prepare for 6 or 7 groups
though there are some technical problems during the race
but thanks to coop members that help out during the race.

I myself also having marathon for running to 6 stations here and there.
and guess what.. MY RUBIK'S CUBE IS BROKEN !!!
PARTICIPANTS ARE SO AGGRESSIVE !!! but nvm i glued it back with PVA glue and its totally normal now.
And the first team to reach the pit stop is the green team.
which is the only team with form 5 participants !! A ROUND OF APPLAUSE !
and i guess i loved the tongue twister challenge !
the card tower was also great cause some teams were counting down for the tower to stay strong for 10 seconds.. maybe because of the shouting .it produces air .which can make the card tower fall.. AHha


and need to say sorry also la to ann sin and wai sin ! HAHAHA
it was such a mess at the begining
that i was talking to ann sin about something
then i want to call wai sin
INSTEAD i shouted ann sin !! HAHA
i mean for a few times summore..dahlah annsin standing in front of me !!!
SORRY !! i don't mean to mess up your names.
till then, tommorow is open day in school.
IM not going to SCHOOL !!!! maybe...cause i still not yet tell my dad.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The highly anticipated post by the S.O.T

Sunday, June 21, 2009 0
i just went on9 and saw kyan and sukkhuan on9 !!! great.
the S.O.T can chat together !! HAhahaha

fyi, THE S.O.T is actually a group that is created by 3 insane human
members consists of
  • Suk Khuan - The 'S'
  • Joo Ee - The 'O'
  • Kei Yan - The 'T'
the history of the S.O.T is established around February/March 2008
in Class 4 Gamma 2008
why is it created?
- members of The S.O.T are plain orang giler which don't think properly before they act except me of course
- Suk Khuan is one of the blur person when me and kyan are talking
- Kyan will always be the terlalu hyper person that makes me and sukkhuan got scared of her.
- Our 3 tables are always joined together because in between the tables there are one panda and 'i don't remember what face' that we drew on the table.
- we always copy each other's homework as its a tradition in gamma at that time
- Even though the smart kyan went to Beta this year but the S.O.T still remain as we always see each other
- To the unlucky kyan. she can't enjoy our private fan that we bought cause our school classroom is very very stuffy !!!

Insane level-
Highest level award - Kei Yan
Average insane level with unexpexted blur award - Suk Khuan
The insane but normal at most of the time award - Joo Ee

btw, we're chatting together now
and sukkhuan just send me this
"oh my gudness gracious gudder god"
and the next minute she's asking me about addmaths project

cause she is having chicken pox .she will be dumping me in class and also no need to go for the netball competition !!!
btw, this girl loves david archuleta and if you ever notice my file that i always bring.
there's this david archuleta things that she wrote for me to promote david archuleta.
and her latest quote is " i got broke abother poxxxxxx"

"oh my good gooder guddest gracious geatrest great gudness god!!"

next, is kei yan
i post about the s.o.t cause kyan is comlaning that i didn't update my blog
and want me to update about HER?!?!?!?!?! *unknown expression*
Kyan loves to say that i dump her just because i walk faster a bit
every morning i get to see this girl with her insane look

never talk bad
about leehom in front of her cause she get soo hype that you will never want to go near her at that time. she like leehom soo much that i always say that leehom will be scared of her !!!
fyi, kyan agrees that she is a sot human that seems to be an alien.
OH YAH. kyan also expects me to cut newpaper when there's any news about leehom !!!!
goodness, she's just weird. immagine seeing her basically every saturday during tuition !!!
NOT TO MENTION !!! always feed me with lollipops ! and last time use to be m&m !!!
sooner or later me and sukkhuan going to get diabetes because of her.

and lastly, me !
the always normal one. not to mention the one kena bully by keiyan and sukkhuan
cause they are too insane that sometimes i am not able to cope with it.
its better if i ignore them when their insanity level is high cause if you talk to them at that time
your brain will go insane and you can't interpret information properly !
and i'm also a victim of kyan and sukkhuan as they always like to conteng my notebook
imagine one page FULL OF LEEHOM and one page FULL OF DAVID ARCHULETA
i didn't even put anything that much about RAIN !!! think again.
we all like artist from different genre and language. leehom is american born chinese. sings chinese. david archuleta is runner up of american idol and sings english !! and rain is k-pop artist that loves dancing.
GREAT its like a full package !! Haha.

haha i only put rain's picture * AND RAIN GOES FIRST*
*edit- see i good girl i post their pictures also*

too bad i don't have a scanner.
cause the sots took pictures last year and each of us got a copy !!!
and by the way we are all good humans after all.
just that people sometimes we might be a little insane but still good.
i wonder have we ever fight???
YES !!!!
when kyan used to hit me and sukkhuan soo hard when we tried to tickle her in class last year
its not a fight. its a funny incident where kyan sits in the middle which gives an opportunity to balas dendam on what keiyan had done to torture me and sukkhuan

lastly, THE S.O.T remains forever !! AHhahahah
there you go kyan.the post you wanted soo much

P.S : i've got too many words to type but i think i just shorten it cause it contains too many craps on what the s.o.t did in a year in 4 Gamma !!!
.and still, love ya 4 gaama-ians '08


Happy Birthday & Happy Father Day !!!

im here here here to blog ! yay !
first week of school after holiday suck !!!
moral and addmaths project to complete
and receive shocking results that made me felt soo guilty for not studying at all during the holidays

so on the 19th of June is my Dad's birthday.

it was 6.30 am in the morning and im preparing to go to school.
my mind kept telling myself to remember to wish dad birthday.
and in the car...
I SLEPT and just went down the car and forgot to wish my dad.
opps. sorry dad. anyway i did wish him anyway during dinner
cause i only reach home at like 5-6pm after the asian netball thinggy

btw, today's father's day.
another celebration for dad.
i just love it cause dad's birthday is always very near father's day
so there's no need to buy double presents ! AHHAHahahha


anyway. parents-teachers day is coming.
and merestas desa day is coming.
and trials is coming
and SPM is coming.
am i dead or x yet?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sunday, June 14, 2009 0
tommorow school starts !!!
means waking up early.
and got to face the results im going to get. dead xP
anyway. what did i do during the holidays?
i guess basically nothing. i just only finish my kerja kursus moral
and there's add maths project too. why our school give us the project right before the holidays !!!
i got my master plan of doing add maths questions. oh well
i did not even a single question only in tuition.
and since i didn't watch any drama. so i watch full house AGAIN.
i think its for the 5 or 6th time. i know im insane.
finish 16 episodes in 3 days. and hope i have more holidays to watch more drama.

look at the haze these days.not only that there's swine flu.
you could see loads of man made rain yesterday.

talk about yesterday.
me,gaaya and sukkhuan skip our biology tuition
hahahaha. we didn't skip. its because we already replace for the lesson
and forget about it. and the saturday class is wayyyy back.
so me and gaaya was like LETS GET OUT
and since that time the air-cond ROSAK. it happened at the end of chem class
so i guess during bio class its kindda stuffy
while everyone is seated. 3 humans stand up and leave the room !!
very weird.

then, we head to KFC and i makan-ed
suddenly i received a sms from sis asking me when i finish class
i called her then only found out my family is going to eat lunch that time
and yet im already eating KFC
later, gaaya took bus home,suki went home cause her mom reach already.
then i bought lollipop and waited. and go home.

there goes my holidays.
see ya all in school tommorow.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Friday, June 12, 2009 0
happy birthday sistaaaaa !!! you're 19 !!!
you should be proud that i actually post about your birthday
anyway happy birthday to you.
and YOU'RE OLDER ALREADY !! maknenek
you should remember to include me as the first person to wish you.

to a oldmaknenek sister who acts like a younger sister
you must really need to love your younger sister.
im like the most not annoying sister in the world.
cause you are more annoying.
no.1 : you like to act idiot by singing stupid songs that pop out in your brain
no.2 : always release TOXIC or in a good manner called smelly gas in the room
no.3 : sleep on my bed when im away to Kedah !!! I WONDER WHATTHEHECK you did to my bed
no.4 : release smelly gas ON MY BED !! HELLOW ARE YOU EVEN NORMAL !!!
no.5 : always throw your smelly clothes on my table !
no.6 : talk crap all the time.
and there's a lot more but since its your birthday i don't wanna embarrass you !
*im such a good sister*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kedah Trip

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 1
at last. the internet connection is back to normal and i can upload pictures !!!
there last friday i went to Kedah just to visit since my dad got some dinner there
so i just follow them to see hows kedah since i never been there. only pass by there when i went langkawi with my aunt.
and there's a total of 3 cars with my father's friend to Kedah
left house at 10.30 AM and reach there around 5-6 PM !!!
can't blame cause we stop by at perak quite a lot of times .
to eat and buy things.haha
in Kedah there's nothing more than the paddy field !!
any little land there is. its always filled with paddy field.
no high building no nothing ! even the hotel there kindda suck.
so reach Kedah and guess whats the first place we went.
we head to old town cafe !!! hahahaha
and for some reasons. it takes specially long for them to prepare my mocha ice blended
+ its not so blended.
then quickly check-in into a hotel where the hotel got to take off your shoe before you enter.
was totally blur at that time. oh well.
then get prepared and head to the place where the dinner is gonna be held.
it was held in a school's hall. and i wonder is there any restaurants there....cause i don't see any.
food there was's the desert... ice-cream as in JUST ice-cream !! HAHAha like when you buy from supermarket !!
then went back to hotel and watch tv !! at least there's astro in it .kakaka so i can watch the shows i missed. watched until almost 2 am. basically didn't get any sleep there.
ate dim sum and then there's a huy who lives there lead us to some places in kedah alor setar
firstly we stopped by a hill or something where there's ppl selling crystals.
then we head to muzium padi. where there is a big big drawing of the sceneries in kedah from gunung keriang. its really nice cause it looks really real and it is siad to be drawn by artists from korea. *cause there's no such talent in malaysia??*

*picture taken are only part of the drawings*
due to lack of time, we didn't visit the menara alor setar/kedah. cause from far we could already see the tower.
my mom even got all hype that she wants to go thailand and langkawi cause its soo near when you're in Kedah. can't go thailand cause didn't even bring passport. can't go langkawi due to lack of time
want to visit my aunt in taiping and go back to my mum's kampung at perak also no time
when you're in kedah.places that seems soo far become soo near !!! if we went there earlier. i might even have visited langkawi after a few years i have not been there*

so we drive all the way back to sungai petani.
to visit my father's friend sister.
and sungai petani which is also a part of kedah seems to be more modernised
cause people there mostly owns their own factory or whatsoever.
a piece of land there are very valueble cause if the land is not use to build something
it would be used to plant paddy. thats why its valueble.
after having lunch in sungai petani we head back to ipoh
and the food ther is superb !!! yummy.i already miss the food there.

back to ipoh cause there's another dinner there to attend.
as usual. many people been to ipoh.
they are always famous with the FOOD ! *getting fatter and fatter. can't resists it *
reach ipoh checked in into a hotel called paragon city hotel.
and get some rest before dinner.
*me and dad friend's daughter and we both have the same name joey when its pronounced*
*cause mine is special a J. double O.double E. * haha
again, ate a lot and the next morning at hakka mee at ipoh
dad bought 6 salted chicken which is very yummy.
then we tour around ipoh like going to temple then head home to KL
i was getting sick already at that time.

and holidays left a few days. and i didn't do anything yet even my add maths project still not complete !!

AND TO KEIYAN !!!! when i was nicely visiting and looking at the big gallery in muzium padi
i receive a call FROM KEIYAN asking me about add maths project !!! wahhlauu.. dahlah totally blur at that time..this is what SOT ppl do.

P.S : no sourvineers cause i don't see anything other than food to buy. hahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tuesday, June 9, 2009 0
an interesting fact.
Akon has claimed in interviews that his full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam although there is some ambiguity and debate about Akon's legal name and birth date. Akon is usually credited as Aliaune Thiam In addition to the longer form, Akon's full name has been reported both as Aliaune Badara Thiam and Alioune Badara Thiam and claims that this middle name has never been independently verified. In regards to his birth date, some media institutions have reported that Akon was born in 1981. Other sources, including the AP, have indicated that Akon was born in 1973.

p.s: will blog about kedah trip soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

im back !!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009 0
and now sick.
imagine sitting in the car for almost 5-6 hours to go kedah.
and everywhere you go also need to sit in the car
last friday around 10.30 am take off
and guess what time we reach... around 5-6pm
can't blame we stopped by perak to eat
came back yesterday from ipoh
and having a bad headache !!! my head still hurts.
till then. i'll get some rest now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wednesday, June 3, 2009 0
my holiday had been packed with many family matters
since my grandma pass away, there's many thing to and organize
just came back from nirvana to see the tomb stone *not sure if you call it that* to be place on it.
after almost 3 months already everyone is alright.
all my aunties were busy taking pictures and even me organising the fruits also they want to take picture.
konon-nyer want to take all the process and as a memory in our lives.
as usual woke up at 6.30 AM !!!! haha
the funniest thing today is a stories that goes...
as you all know the Buddhist believe in the other world
so the grave beside my grandma's is a person who pass away a month before my grandma
and from the picture we could see that the person used to work as a judge *hakim*
and my aunt started saying that if my grandma got anything that she don't understand interms of law she can ask her neighbour.
i got blur at first. but later everyone started laughing.then only i understand.

then mom and i went and jakun-ed around and see people's grave
some are really nice and its like 4 space of grave made for 1 person.
patutlah nirvana earns A LOT !
anyway will be heading to tuition later and tommorow is filled with
a ceromony for grandma also. don't quite understand all these.
and i'll be heading to kedah on friday.tadahh

didn't even online a lot. what a holiday.
but still she kept no sound during my diagnostic so i should be a good sister.hehe

and finally may grandma rest in peace and we'll miss you forever.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tuesday, June 2, 2009 0
akon will be in Malaysia soon !
the details of the concert for akon fans in malaysia

Date: 2 July 2009 (Thursday)

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Venue: Sunway Lagoon Beach

Ticket Price : Beach Zone RM88

Rock Zone RM 138

The Pitt RM 188

all free standing.

not really a fan of akon but i do hear his songs.

at least now. there's more international stars are coming to malaysia

and hopefully rain is coming to malaysia next year. but really low possibilities

cause it is said that rain's asia tour will only cover 5 countries in Asia.

my guess is korea,japan,taiwan,hk,thailand..... still got singapore,phillipines,vietnam

all those countries have more kpop going around than lets just hope

and my sister is definally hoping that SS501 is coming to Malaysia cause they did say Malaysia is one of the promo tour country but not officially.

overall lets just hope more kpop artist will come malaysia.

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