Friday, June 12, 2009


Friday, June 12, 2009
happy birthday sistaaaaa !!! you're 19 !!!
you should be proud that i actually post about your birthday
anyway happy birthday to you.
and YOU'RE OLDER ALREADY !! maknenek
you should remember to include me as the first person to wish you.

to a oldmaknenek sister who acts like a younger sister
you must really need to love your younger sister.
im like the most not annoying sister in the world.
cause you are more annoying.
no.1 : you like to act idiot by singing stupid songs that pop out in your brain
no.2 : always release TOXIC or in a good manner called smelly gas in the room
no.3 : sleep on my bed when im away to Kedah !!! I WONDER WHATTHEHECK you did to my bed
no.4 : release smelly gas ON MY BED !! HELLOW ARE YOU EVEN NORMAL !!!
no.5 : always throw your smelly clothes on my table !
no.6 : talk crap all the time.
and there's a lot more but since its your birthday i don't wanna embarrass you !
*im such a good sister*


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