Friday, June 26, 2009

Full House remake?

Friday, June 26, 2009
Yes. if you are a fan of Full House where Rain and Song Hye Kyo acted in.
you should know that Full House 2 MIGHT be coming out. but cast might be different
but now there's another thing more interesting.
Taiwan is going to make a remake of Full House. with a little different at the beginning of the story.

Rain & Song Hye Kyo

The actor is Wu Zhun and actress is going to be Zhou Xun. Both are very famous.
I think the drama is going to be nice as the actor and actress are good.
and the Taiwan's production stressed that its not a remake of Full House the drama
but the remake of South Korea-selling comic book adaptation “FullHouse”.
AREN"T IT THE SAME ?!?!?!?! they just don't want the drama to be compared like how boys over flower are compare between the Taiwan version and the Korean Version.
TOO BAD LA. KOREAN VERSION OF F4 are soo much more better. but in acting skills i can't judge cause im didn't relly watch all the episode of the Taiwan's one cause its too many episodes.

back to Full House,
i wonder how the taiwan's full house going to be like.
and if the drama is a hit, taiwan's Full House is going to be a tourist destination in Taiwan like the one in Korea also.
Lets see what will happen when the drama comes out..
but i think i will still like the original Full House drama
cause there's Rain that had showed his acting skills which made him known worldwide because of this drama.
and its funny cause i watch is for like at least 6 times already !! AHAHAHA

anyway just look at this news about Taiwan's version where there's a difference from the Korea's version.The korea's version one is the Song Hye Kyo's (Han Ji Eun in drama) friedns created and sold her house to get the money.

***The new version of “Full House” closely in today’s Chinese are most concerned about cross-strait issues. Drama directed by Taiwan director Niu Ze will be in Taiwan, the mainland between the viewfinder, the story describes the two sides separated by 60 years, Beijing girls from Taiwan Zhou Xun suddenly informed her grandfather’s legacy to inherit, she came to Taiwan all the way and found his grandfather’s house been leased to big movie star Wu Zun, robbing her of her heritage, some do not like Wu Zun, but the love of seedlings in the exchange of blows friendship grows but slowly growing.***



i dont want remark!! especially for full house

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