Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thursday, June 25, 2009
This virus is getting scary !!!
it seems like everyone is getting sick. like today the kyan sot is having fever.
i just came back from tuition and i got to know pandan indah school is said to have one students infected with H1N1.
and my add maths tuition teacher was coughing.
and look at our expression with or brains thinking of H1N1.
so he went out an took a mask and wear it to teach !!
hahhahha. it was funny

anyway, today is coop's last day of food sale
and its also the amazing race game !!!
i'm glad what i did was ok.
at least there're ppl coming to participate.
a lot of last minutes too !!!! if not, i already prepare for 6 or 7 groups
though there are some technical problems during the race
but thanks to coop members that help out during the race.

I myself also having marathon for running to 6 stations here and there.
and guess what.. MY RUBIK'S CUBE IS BROKEN !!!
PARTICIPANTS ARE SO AGGRESSIVE !!! but nvm i glued it back with PVA glue and its totally normal now.
And the first team to reach the pit stop is the green team.
which is the only team with form 5 participants !! A ROUND OF APPLAUSE !
and i guess i loved the tongue twister challenge !
the card tower was also great cause some teams were counting down for the tower to stay strong for 10 seconds.. maybe because of the shouting .it produces air .which can make the card tower fall.. AHha


and need to say sorry also la to ann sin and wai sin ! HAHAHA
it was such a mess at the begining
that i was talking to ann sin about something
then i want to call wai sin
INSTEAD i shouted ann sin !! HAHA
i mean for a few times summore..dahlah annsin standing in front of me !!!
SORRY !! i don't mean to mess up your names.
till then, tommorow is open day in school.
IM not going to SCHOOL !!!! maybe...cause i still not yet tell my dad.


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