Sunday, June 21, 2009

The highly anticipated post by the S.O.T

Sunday, June 21, 2009
i just went on9 and saw kyan and sukkhuan on9 !!! great.
the S.O.T can chat together !! HAhahaha

fyi, THE S.O.T is actually a group that is created by 3 insane human
members consists of
  • Suk Khuan - The 'S'
  • Joo Ee - The 'O'
  • Kei Yan - The 'T'
the history of the S.O.T is established around February/March 2008
in Class 4 Gamma 2008
why is it created?
- members of The S.O.T are plain orang giler which don't think properly before they act except me of course
- Suk Khuan is one of the blur person when me and kyan are talking
- Kyan will always be the terlalu hyper person that makes me and sukkhuan got scared of her.
- Our 3 tables are always joined together because in between the tables there are one panda and 'i don't remember what face' that we drew on the table.
- we always copy each other's homework as its a tradition in gamma at that time
- Even though the smart kyan went to Beta this year but the S.O.T still remain as we always see each other
- To the unlucky kyan. she can't enjoy our private fan that we bought cause our school classroom is very very stuffy !!!

Insane level-
Highest level award - Kei Yan
Average insane level with unexpexted blur award - Suk Khuan
The insane but normal at most of the time award - Joo Ee

btw, we're chatting together now
and sukkhuan just send me this
"oh my gudness gracious gudder god"
and the next minute she's asking me about addmaths project

cause she is having chicken pox .she will be dumping me in class and also no need to go for the netball competition !!!
btw, this girl loves david archuleta and if you ever notice my file that i always bring.
there's this david archuleta things that she wrote for me to promote david archuleta.
and her latest quote is " i got broke abother poxxxxxx"

"oh my good gooder guddest gracious geatrest great gudness god!!"

next, is kei yan
i post about the s.o.t cause kyan is comlaning that i didn't update my blog
and want me to update about HER?!?!?!?!?! *unknown expression*
Kyan loves to say that i dump her just because i walk faster a bit
every morning i get to see this girl with her insane look

never talk bad
about leehom in front of her cause she get soo hype that you will never want to go near her at that time. she like leehom soo much that i always say that leehom will be scared of her !!!
fyi, kyan agrees that she is a sot human that seems to be an alien.
OH YAH. kyan also expects me to cut newpaper when there's any news about leehom !!!!
goodness, she's just weird. immagine seeing her basically every saturday during tuition !!!
NOT TO MENTION !!! always feed me with lollipops ! and last time use to be m&m !!!
sooner or later me and sukkhuan going to get diabetes because of her.

and lastly, me !
the always normal one. not to mention the one kena bully by keiyan and sukkhuan
cause they are too insane that sometimes i am not able to cope with it.
its better if i ignore them when their insanity level is high cause if you talk to them at that time
your brain will go insane and you can't interpret information properly !
and i'm also a victim of kyan and sukkhuan as they always like to conteng my notebook
imagine one page FULL OF LEEHOM and one page FULL OF DAVID ARCHULETA
i didn't even put anything that much about RAIN !!! think again.
we all like artist from different genre and language. leehom is american born chinese. sings chinese. david archuleta is runner up of american idol and sings english !! and rain is k-pop artist that loves dancing.
GREAT its like a full package !! Haha.

haha i only put rain's picture * AND RAIN GOES FIRST*
*edit- see i good girl i post their pictures also*

too bad i don't have a scanner.
cause the sots took pictures last year and each of us got a copy !!!
and by the way we are all good humans after all.
just that people sometimes we might be a little insane but still good.
i wonder have we ever fight???
YES !!!!
when kyan used to hit me and sukkhuan soo hard when we tried to tickle her in class last year
its not a fight. its a funny incident where kyan sits in the middle which gives an opportunity to balas dendam on what keiyan had done to torture me and sukkhuan

lastly, THE S.O.T remains forever !! AHhahahah
there you go kyan.the post you wanted soo much

P.S : i've got too many words to type but i think i just shorten it cause it contains too many craps on what the s.o.t did in a year in 4 Gamma !!!
.and still, love ya 4 gaama-ians '08



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