Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kedah Trip

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
at last. the internet connection is back to normal and i can upload pictures !!!
there last friday i went to Kedah just to visit since my dad got some dinner there
so i just follow them to see hows kedah since i never been there. only pass by there when i went langkawi with my aunt.
and there's a total of 3 cars with my father's friend to Kedah
left house at 10.30 AM and reach there around 5-6 PM !!!
can't blame cause we stop by at perak quite a lot of times .
to eat and buy things.haha
in Kedah there's nothing more than the paddy field !!
any little land there is. its always filled with paddy field.
no high building no nothing ! even the hotel there kindda suck.
so reach Kedah and guess whats the first place we went.
we head to old town cafe !!! hahahaha
and for some reasons. it takes specially long for them to prepare my mocha ice blended
+ its not so blended.
then quickly check-in into a hotel where the hotel got to take off your shoe before you enter.
was totally blur at that time. oh well.
then get prepared and head to the place where the dinner is gonna be held.
it was held in a school's hall. and i wonder is there any restaurants there....cause i don't see any.
food there was's the desert... ice-cream as in JUST ice-cream !! HAHAha like when you buy from supermarket !!
then went back to hotel and watch tv !! at least there's astro in it .kakaka so i can watch the shows i missed. watched until almost 2 am. basically didn't get any sleep there.
ate dim sum and then there's a huy who lives there lead us to some places in kedah alor setar
firstly we stopped by a hill or something where there's ppl selling crystals.
then we head to muzium padi. where there is a big big drawing of the sceneries in kedah from gunung keriang. its really nice cause it looks really real and it is siad to be drawn by artists from korea. *cause there's no such talent in malaysia??*

*picture taken are only part of the drawings*
due to lack of time, we didn't visit the menara alor setar/kedah. cause from far we could already see the tower.
my mom even got all hype that she wants to go thailand and langkawi cause its soo near when you're in Kedah. can't go thailand cause didn't even bring passport. can't go langkawi due to lack of time
want to visit my aunt in taiping and go back to my mum's kampung at perak also no time
when you're in kedah.places that seems soo far become soo near !!! if we went there earlier. i might even have visited langkawi after a few years i have not been there*

so we drive all the way back to sungai petani.
to visit my father's friend sister.
and sungai petani which is also a part of kedah seems to be more modernised
cause people there mostly owns their own factory or whatsoever.
a piece of land there are very valueble cause if the land is not use to build something
it would be used to plant paddy. thats why its valueble.
after having lunch in sungai petani we head back to ipoh
and the food ther is superb !!! yummy.i already miss the food there.

back to ipoh cause there's another dinner there to attend.
as usual. many people been to ipoh.
they are always famous with the FOOD ! *getting fatter and fatter. can't resists it *
reach ipoh checked in into a hotel called paragon city hotel.
and get some rest before dinner.
*me and dad friend's daughter and we both have the same name joey when its pronounced*
*cause mine is special a J. double O.double E. * haha
again, ate a lot and the next morning at hakka mee at ipoh
dad bought 6 salted chicken which is very yummy.
then we tour around ipoh like going to temple then head home to KL
i was getting sick already at that time.

and holidays left a few days. and i didn't do anything yet even my add maths project still not complete !!

AND TO KEIYAN !!!! when i was nicely visiting and looking at the big gallery in muzium padi
i receive a call FROM KEIYAN asking me about add maths project !!! wahhlauu.. dahlah totally blur at that time..this is what SOT ppl do.

P.S : no sourvineers cause i don't see anything other than food to buy. hahaha



paragon city hotel at ipoh not fully finished. Im staying there with no telephone (hard to contact customer service), hot water not functioning and have a lot of crack on the wall. Really feel regret to stay at the hotel.

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