Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009
Many people in the world today are shocked today.
because today, June 26, 2009 is the day The King of Pop Michael Jackson died.
Hope he'll rest in peace.
He died because of
cardiac arrest, at the age of 50.
I still remember there's even plans that Michael Jackson will open a concert again but it looks like it will not happen and everything is a history now.

I just posted here a post to wish rain a happy birthday.
And today is the day Michael Jackson passed away
Rain that is going to Macau from Korea's Icheon airport received the news about Michael's death.
It is said that he couldn't believe that this happened and commented
“Even though he’s passed, his status will forever remain strong and influential. I feel extremely sad, he will forever be in my heart, he is my idol.”

Many artist had quoted about Michael's death
Some of the artists are Mariah Carey,Miley Cyrus,Britney Spears,Mandy Moore, and etc.
Many people started to dance and sing because of him.

The only thing that i can remember is listening to Billie Jean. i think i first listen it when i was young.
And his moon walk style will always be remembered.

credit : K-popped,

Anyway today is also considered a shock for students of SMKSBU
cause today is open day. THE REPORT CARD DAY !
ahhaa i was planning not to even come to school and told my parents not to come
but they insists to take the results. and guess what... my mum asked my brother to go instead !
i went together with my bro and took my results.
reach school at around 11.30 and the class looks totally empty !!!
soo little parents came. oh well i still took my results.
and just found out that my neighbour 2 houses away from my house
where 2 of her daughters are in quarantine now. cause one of the daughter went Thailand and the other daughter went KLIA to pick up the sister
and both are down with fever. but no H1N1 so they are under quarantine at somewhere.
and everyone. beware cause this virus is spreading fast.
take care !


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