Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sunday, June 14, 2009
tommorow school starts !!!
means waking up early.
and got to face the results im going to get. dead xP
anyway. what did i do during the holidays?
i guess basically nothing. i just only finish my kerja kursus moral
and there's add maths project too. why our school give us the project right before the holidays !!!
i got my master plan of doing add maths questions. oh well
i did not even a single question only in tuition.
and since i didn't watch any drama. so i watch full house AGAIN.
i think its for the 5 or 6th time. i know im insane.
finish 16 episodes in 3 days. and hope i have more holidays to watch more drama.

look at the haze these days.not only that there's swine flu.
you could see loads of man made rain yesterday.

talk about yesterday.
me,gaaya and sukkhuan skip our biology tuition
hahahaha. we didn't skip. its because we already replace for the lesson
and forget about it. and the saturday class is wayyyy back.
so me and gaaya was like LETS GET OUT
and since that time the air-cond ROSAK. it happened at the end of chem class
so i guess during bio class its kindda stuffy
while everyone is seated. 3 humans stand up and leave the room !!
very weird.

then, we head to KFC and i makan-ed
suddenly i received a sms from sis asking me when i finish class
i called her then only found out my family is going to eat lunch that time
and yet im already eating KFC
later, gaaya took bus home,suki went home cause her mom reach already.
then i bought lollipop and waited. and go home.

there goes my holidays.
see ya all in school tommorow.


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