Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thursday, July 30, 2009 0
this virus is getting active in Malaysia
more and more people are getting infected
another one have passed away because of this
and this person is only 20 years old.

today i skipped school cause there's no exams today.
i rather stay home to study biology.hahaa
kindda studied and facebook-ing at the same time
and a few hours ago i found out our school SBU is now going to be under quarantine.
so to all SBU-ians dont go school tommorow and basically for a week till 6th of August.
and there's no Biology exam tommorow.
excited but still got to study cause trials are coming and its scaring me !!!!

and to all who are having flu or high fever. you better go to the hospital and check
remember to self quarantine yourself too.
this virus is spreading !!!!!!
don't let it get to you.

see ya !!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ninja Assasin

Friday, July 24, 2009 0

wait till november and this movie will be out and hopefully many people around the world will like it !
im not really interested in this movie actually but there's Rain in there as the main character and its his first time to become the main character in a international movie.
but after looking at the movie trailer it looks rather interesting. people like my brother might like this type of show.
on word for this movie is BLOODY
the directors which is the Wachowski brothers love action movie.
they tried speed racer but it was a flop so now they're back with ninja assassin
hoping this movie will do as well like their matrix movie years ago.
all the best to rain but this movie is rated R in US
so i think when it airs in Malaysia it will be 18 above.
so hopefully i can watch it cause by then im 17 already..they might let me in !! lol.

since the TRAILER IS OUT !!!
here you go...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009 0
*cheers* im hardworking enough to write about last friday !! haha
last friday, kyan,zuikhai,sueling,gaaya and ME went to leisure mall to watch Harry Potter which premier on Thursday !
actually this idea pop out from the girl who sits beside me suk khuan.
She was showering in the morning and then plans to go watch Harry Potter
but she couldn't join us in Leisure Mall cause its quite troublesome for her to do back from leisure
but she still watch it on the same day hald hour before us in Times Square !!! and times square got like 20 minutes of advertisement before the show so basically we watched at the same time in different location !

and on friday after school. or i mean after coop meeting
we walked to the bus stop at Courts and took a bus to leisure mall
and yes sorry kyan and zukkhai for the need to wait for me and suetling.
Its quite an important meeting. cause im now officially
yay !!! no need to go for any meetings or whatsoever. just wait for the farewell party !!! WOOHO

then we reached leisure mall and makan-ed McD
and suet ling ate like BIG MAG !!! she got good appetite there.
when makan-ing McD . gaaya reached and met us at Leisure Mall when all of us wondering if gaaya know where are we. haha
With the perfect timing. we reached the cinema and masuk to watch.
before that me,gaaya and suetling even took a blur and weird picture outside the cinema door !!!
and kyan was left alone in the cinema !!

now for my review towards harry potter movie.
if you haven't watch the movie. do not scroll down. spoilers ahead.
one simple world can describe it
i think i watched NOTHING
maybe i have high expectation towards harry potter
but the movie is quite dissapointed because i didn't get to see more of quidditch game.
and only get to see very little of hagrid.
very little fighting scenes and i wanted to see more of draco's evilness at the begining.
there's a lot of love story going on in the movie
and the funny part is Ron with his so called girlfriend which is obessed of him
which Ron kiss until his lips hurt !! HAHaha
There's a lot of Ron this time in the movie and less of hermoine.
and sadly Dumbledore was killed at the end by snape which is the half-blood prince.
the middle of this movie talks a lot about the history of Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
and how harry got the real memory from proffesor Slughorn on Tom Riddle.

i quite like when harry attacked draco for suspecting him of putting a curse on the necklace.
then , you'll see the half blood prince saving draco because of the Unbreakable Vow.

what i can say now is lets just see the next harry potter which is the deathly hallows
which the producers are breaking it into two parts
where part 1 is around november next year and part two the following year in july.
most people basically watched harry potter like YEARS ago.
and people will just watch it when it comes out everytime,
and all the actor and actress are just getting older and i miss the first series of harry potter
with cute litlle actors !! hehe

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thursday, July 16, 2009 0
and its basically ponteng day for gamma-ians
quite many didn't come to school
but then i had fun today as our class suddenly turn into singing class !! HAHahaa
the most boring part in class is as always.. during add maths.
i can vomit blood being in the class.
thank goodness its only one period.
so today i need to declare something
is sukkhuan, angel and me bersama-sama declare that KYAN is S.O.T, a 5 year old maturity kid and a piranha *sorry if wrong spellin*!!!
and why?
cause she bites on besically everything
you show her you finger. and it will get bit by her

and today me and sukkhuan sat with xiauwei,ammelia and yingtung
the sukkhuan can't stop being sot all THE TIME
until xiau wei tak boleh tahan all the random-ness from sukkkhuan
and the sot brain of sukkhuan
i myself can't immagine how i suffer with 2 SOTS last year.

anyway harry potter new movie is out !!!
and exam is coming soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tuesday, July 14, 2009 0
i've got nothing to post these days.
nothing special happens but exam is coming..
why would the school want to have another exam while teachers can't even finish their syllabus
teachers kept changing and timetable changed for a few times.. i though the school should give the best teachers and everything to the SPM students
but i don't think so.
anyway. just gonna do my best and trials i coming out soon.
i masih tak sedar sedar diri. ^.^

anyway here's a MV of Kim Jun new solo song. * i think its not bad cause i quite like the genre*
since i don't really like really slow songs. but slow songs with some R&B genre are nice.

Jun Be OK!- Kim Jun and MV feat Kim Hyun Joong

recently there are many korean girl group debut
2 of them are 2ne1 (pronounce as twentyone) and 4 minute
listen to some of the newest korean songs and you'll find that korean wave is changing to the mixture of r&b,a little electric and techno.
whatever is it. i think the songs are really catchy for the time being
the repeat thing are kindda over now like wonder girls - nobody, girls generation- Gee, super junior- sorry sorry

now lets enjoy new korean songs. and also english and chinese songs.hahaha
i enjoy all !!! but just not really into japanese.

2ne1 - I Don't Care *this song is on my playlist too*

4 minute - Hot Issue

btw, ammelia just told me today that new MV of me and gaaya is already posted on her blog !! OMG !! embarrassment. too late already to say that.
but anyway go watch it la.. at ammelia's blog. link at the sidebar of my blog.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

7th Asian Netball Championship

Thursday, July 9, 2009 0
at last !! angel posted up the pictures on facebook !!! hahaha
now i can blog a little about it cause i had quite some great experience on the journey to stadium bukit kiara !!
cause me and gaaya took a few MV in school because of this event
we get to drink coffee, and drink loads of 100% when we're there
get to see how irritating is some of the juniors
laugh,play and shout like nobody's bussiness.

first day, with sukkhuan
everyone need to attend for the first day so the bus was half full
and at that time sukkhuan already felling dizzy but she didn't know she got chicken pox HAHAHA
i still remember she went tuition the next day !! ORANG GILA MANN
chicken pox and wanna come out and spread virus to people.

in the bus
The place where we are basically shouting and playing
and on the sunday event is where we took gaaya's MV of boom boom pow
*can watch it at ammelia's blog* hahha

reached bukit kiara and this is where we saw the tall girl from sri lanka !!
didn't get to take picture with her cause she jual mahal.

gaaya destroy the picture here. sukkhuan is suppose to act like a maid carrying a lot stuff
and gaaya just pose by smilling !! APELA.

THE SBU SENIORS that went to the event.

This is the picture i got from ammelia. THE NETBALL POLE ROCKS !!
hahaha its not like tiang. the tiang is covered with a type of cusion.. haha
we're suppose to do pole dance actually.

GUESS WHO?!?!?!?!
and streamyx !! thanks us for helping you promote !!!!

here you go !! the humans that pose with a big hand.
and at the event there's this band that plays song during the opening ceromony
and the conductor of the band is really funny
so we all the conductor wannabe
took out our rocky *the choco stick*
and act like a conductor! HAhaha

lastly to the Maldives team !!!
even though you lost but its ok cause Sri lanka is really strong with the talltall girl !!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Times Square

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0

*the three insane human who ran after the bus to rush to times square ! *

a total last minute plan with no sense of direction at all
was talking about going to watch Ice Age 3 during one of the ceramah in school
and sukkhuan,gaaya and me planned to go times square to book the ticket
in one condition is that i need to skip my physics class cause that class ends at 3.15 pm on saturday !!!
another thing is we got to go buy presents for miss ng kei yan and miss lee mei yin.
so on saturday reached tuition like normal. and in bio class i started asking whether we going even though i can't even book any tickets at all.
since gaaya and sukkhuan wanna go so just tag along la. too bad angel and kei yan can't come together.


1.50pm - came out of bio class cause razazu end the class late
1.52pm- gaaya, sukkhuan and jooee rush downstairs and planning to either walk,bus or lrt
1.53pm - decided that we should take the bus to catch the movie which is at 2.15 pm
1.55pm- in the process of crossing the road, saw the bus and we basically run like mad women just to reach the bus stop. THANKS TO ALL THOSE INTENSIVE RUNNING> we got into the bus
1.59pm- reach somewhere near times square but still need to WALK
2.03 pm- in Times Square and... the the queue to buy tickets is sooooo longggg
2.10pm - gaaya and sukkhuan insists that we must watch the movie even if it sold out
2.12pm - tried their luck and yup there's place but all separate places for 3. we still go for it cause we really want to watch Ice Age 3.
2.15pm - should be in cinema but busy buying popcorn outside, reach into the cinema late and its already dark

*** sukkhuan and gaaya the two sesat people who don't know how to find their place needed assistance from JOOEE to calm them down and teach them how to count and see a,b,c,d and etc.

and sorry sukkhuan for taking ur coke cause its all dark... didn't see you waving with my 100 plus !! hahahahahah the aunty beside you thinks you are orang gila !! HAHhahahah

anyway, the movie was okayh.. i prefer ice age 1 and 2 compared to 3
there are many funny scenes.. laugh like mad cause there's this human in front and beside of me who laughs really loud that make u wanna laught too !!!

movie end and its time to shop for pressies.
you can see the word SALE everywhere !!!
and and we saw suet ling and her sister when we came out of the cinema

*proven! gaaya cannot hold the camera properly and ends up her face is cut into half* hahhaa

MAKAN !!!!

feeding each other ! and being very noisy at the same time .

but before that we stopped by krispy kreme !!!!!
like what me and gaaya said. size and choco J.Co is better
but krispy kreme's taste and icing is better
its better if both company are joint together !!! guarantee many people buy
and i guess me, sukkhuan and gaaya are fated with krispy kreme !! hahaha
cause there's this guy that suddenly appear out of no where when we are camwhoring with doughnuts
at first i tot he want us to lower down our voice but he didn't
instead he politely say good morning
and start asking hows the service and whether are we college students or whatsoever.
then he hands us two card which is like a comment card.
he said that by filling that card we might be able to enjoy free doughnuts when they open another franchise cause in mid valley there's another shop there already.
so we start filling in the card and put many stupid but reasonable comments !! hahahahah
hopefully we can enjoy free doughnuts soon !! HAhahah

then, not wasting any time, we started hunting for things to buy
went to quite a lot of shops
and there on shop that sells shoe that gaaya just run in there like a mad women
took one of the polka dots shoe and start trying it

the funny thing is when she wanna try on the shoe she just campak the shoe she wearing to the side. and beside here there's a lady that is trying on shoes and suddenly only gaaya's shoe appear beside her leg !! me and sukkhuan are like stunned.speechless.

want to buy a lot of things but due to lack of cash we couldn't
bought the presents that we need to buy.
walk around and seeing many very very cheap things.
then we need to head home already beacuse i need to reach home by 6 to have dinner out with family.
sat the monorail then take the lrt to reach cempaka station
i took the ampang lrt lane so we are separated at that point cause they are heading to maluri
i still don't understand why they took the sri petaling lane instead of ampang.
can't blame. i never really sit LRT before. sat bus for the first time ever. and monorail for 2 or 3 times. cannot blame me for not knowing which lane to which right?

basically i was exhausted already. i've been out the whole day till night.
and just now i went to pudu ulu to exercise with mom and sis at 8.30am
and i slept like at 2.45 am to watch Rosy Bussiness
cause its very famous in Hong Kong so i just watch la.. didn't watch all episodes cause dad watch most of the episdoes.
i basically only watch 5-6 of the episodes and the ending was okokla.



2 humans that made me laugh until i tak boleh tahan !


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009 0
both share the same birthday
so see you two in tuition tommorow.

firstly, want to say sorry to you both cause i didn't go to school today
and celebrate at Pappa Rich. * i miss the cendol there*
anyway here's my birthday dedications to you both.

To : Kyan aka the sot (trin) aka the leehom's biggest insane fan aka murderer *beware*

firstly, Happy Birthday to You and you're 17 !
May all your wish come true
including your insane wish of meeting Leehom in his house la
and making Leehom as your school teacher and etc. *too many to list*
Always remember to smile a lot.

now you can go take your driving licience already.
and if you are taking it this year, make sure you drive properly
don't go bang and hit other people.
immagine someone on the road like you who don't see care before they cross the road.
hope you'll achieve what you want to be.

NEXT, talking about this insane sot.
she is the most insane person i ever seen. * and sukkhuan ur insane level is next to her*
Know her since... hrm..form 2 or 3?
i think i first know her is because we share the same sports house MACLAY
i think i actually know her is when kawad time? *sorry i don't remember*
but know her more when we are in the same class in 3 Berdikari
the one that sits at the front and very guai lui one * KONON-NYER*

And last year this year did the kind-est thing out of her insane brain
i was at 4 Beta at first. but the 4 Gamma teacher check the class names and founf out that i should be in Gamma instead of Beta.
but actually my name appear in both Beta and Gamma
maybe its fated to be like that
I decided to stay in Gamma leaving people i know more like Gaaya and Angel
so in gamma everyone is there and i sat with Amanda
but soon Amanda decided to go to Alpha
so i sat alone and this insane girl soo kind and come sit with me *smiles*

soon in gamma kyan become more sot and then joined in by Sukkhuan that come from lambda
and so THE S.O.T are created.
but thanks to the sot. many good memories are made
we copied each other homework
and with kyan's evil grin. she can make people smile easily.
and you better remember me when im in NS !!! cause when im out !!!
i'll find you. hahaha

I wish you a Happy Birthday and don't kill me for not coming to school today okayh???
one important thing about this girl is she like to threatened people.

Happy Birthday to you !
and hope your dreams and wishes come true !
also, wish you all the best in NS too.
we both sama-sama go get experience in NS
You are 17 now. and i know you have many things you want to achieve

talk about mei yin
she is one of a prefect that you do not want to mess with
she is sooooo berdisiplin and is really taking the responsibility of a prefect
the girl in blue that always saya...button up, pls don't eat here, tuck in your shirt and etc.
She is also a very smart girl that manage to go to alpha from beta
and now also one of the straight A's student in school
Congrats !!!

i don't quite remember when i meet you
cause its long long long long long ago
since BBGS !!! which is now pavillion KL
i remember when we are in primary
always hang out together like what normal kids do last time
remember the times we play at the back of the school in BBGS at the pondok there?
it was one of the best childhood memories i have
don't forget. when the rain pours means no study in BBGS ground floor
due to flood and we'll start sweeping rain water out of the class using the broom.

not only that, i think you can motivate people to do something too.
and i must really thank you for always taking place for me in tuition.
also make sure we both won't get too dark when we come back from NS !! hahaha
later tak kenal each other pulakk.
and for the picture i posted up there, i actually want to post the picture we took during PBSM
when we are about to do out kerja amal
but that picture is kindda blur and funneh face of us so i put this picture only la..

Lastly, to you both. GOOD LUCK IN SPM
there are more challenge coming up after out SPM
strive for it
and hope both of you have a nice and happy day on your BIRTHDAY !!!

*quite a long post hor??*

this is a video where Girls Generation sang Sorry Sorry of Super Junior (lalala version)
so i sincerely say sorry for not going to school to celebrate your birthday
if you have heard before the original version by super junior then you can compare
i liked both version !! hahaa

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Wednesday, July 1, 2009 0
many people ask this question in school today
cause yesterday everyone is busy checking whether they got choosen or not.
i didn't really want to go
but i used to tell myself that if i kena then just go la.
why not? i didn't feel as bad as other people that got choosen i think
maybe for 5 minutes i was thinking what will happen soon
will i die in NS camp?
will i faint in NS camp?

but later, think again, its not that bad la
i do gain more experience
the M16 where many people won't get a chance to experience it
i will meet more friends and experience life when im not home for 3 months.
praying hard that i'll be in the first batch and hope i'll get a good NS camp

let recall back what happened when i got to know i got choosen
was sending sms. then nervous like hell.
receive a sms back in 2 minutes,and stated there
TANIAH,LIM JOO EE terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 7/2010
rush downstairs and told my dad that is going somewhere.
he was basically laughing and my mum was like.. go la. fun what.
and i called gaaya and she still not yet check at that time !! HAHAhaaa
many people online too yesterday.

today at school, people will start laughing when they heard you got choosen
i do not get it cause everyone's brain seems to think that i am going to hell soon
Im not okayh !!! im going for a training !!
don't have a negative thinking like jordan !!!
he was talking crap all the time in school about NS.
but to me, i think i can easily get comfortable with a new environment
i'm sure i'll meet more friends and will miss them after the training is over.

NOW, what i'm suppose to think is SPM
NS is like next year. now lets wait for the goverment to send me letter
to go check my health condition and stuff like that
if you're obese or super underweight, then i think you'll be exempted to do NS training.

till then. all the best to all !

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