Thursday, July 9, 2009

7th Asian Netball Championship

Thursday, July 9, 2009
at last !! angel posted up the pictures on facebook !!! hahaha
now i can blog a little about it cause i had quite some great experience on the journey to stadium bukit kiara !!
cause me and gaaya took a few MV in school because of this event
we get to drink coffee, and drink loads of 100% when we're there
get to see how irritating is some of the juniors
laugh,play and shout like nobody's bussiness.

first day, with sukkhuan
everyone need to attend for the first day so the bus was half full
and at that time sukkhuan already felling dizzy but she didn't know she got chicken pox HAHAHA
i still remember she went tuition the next day !! ORANG GILA MANN
chicken pox and wanna come out and spread virus to people.

in the bus
The place where we are basically shouting and playing
and on the sunday event is where we took gaaya's MV of boom boom pow
*can watch it at ammelia's blog* hahha

reached bukit kiara and this is where we saw the tall girl from sri lanka !!
didn't get to take picture with her cause she jual mahal.

gaaya destroy the picture here. sukkhuan is suppose to act like a maid carrying a lot stuff
and gaaya just pose by smilling !! APELA.

THE SBU SENIORS that went to the event.

This is the picture i got from ammelia. THE NETBALL POLE ROCKS !!
hahaha its not like tiang. the tiang is covered with a type of cusion.. haha
we're suppose to do pole dance actually.

GUESS WHO?!?!?!?!
and streamyx !! thanks us for helping you promote !!!!

here you go !! the humans that pose with a big hand.
and at the event there's this band that plays song during the opening ceromony
and the conductor of the band is really funny
so we all the conductor wannabe
took out our rocky *the choco stick*
and act like a conductor! HAhaha

lastly to the Maldives team !!!
even though you lost but its ok cause Sri lanka is really strong with the talltall girl !!


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