Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009
both share the same birthday
so see you two in tuition tommorow.

firstly, want to say sorry to you both cause i didn't go to school today
and celebrate at Pappa Rich. * i miss the cendol there*
anyway here's my birthday dedications to you both.

To : Kyan aka the sot (trin) aka the leehom's biggest insane fan aka murderer *beware*

firstly, Happy Birthday to You and you're 17 !
May all your wish come true
including your insane wish of meeting Leehom in his house la
and making Leehom as your school teacher and etc. *too many to list*
Always remember to smile a lot.

now you can go take your driving licience already.
and if you are taking it this year, make sure you drive properly
don't go bang and hit other people.
immagine someone on the road like you who don't see care before they cross the road.
hope you'll achieve what you want to be.

NEXT, talking about this insane sot.
she is the most insane person i ever seen. * and sukkhuan ur insane level is next to her*
Know her since... hrm..form 2 or 3?
i think i first know her is because we share the same sports house MACLAY
i think i actually know her is when kawad time? *sorry i don't remember*
but know her more when we are in the same class in 3 Berdikari
the one that sits at the front and very guai lui one * KONON-NYER*

And last year this year did the kind-est thing out of her insane brain
i was at 4 Beta at first. but the 4 Gamma teacher check the class names and founf out that i should be in Gamma instead of Beta.
but actually my name appear in both Beta and Gamma
maybe its fated to be like that
I decided to stay in Gamma leaving people i know more like Gaaya and Angel
so in gamma everyone is there and i sat with Amanda
but soon Amanda decided to go to Alpha
so i sat alone and this insane girl soo kind and come sit with me *smiles*

soon in gamma kyan become more sot and then joined in by Sukkhuan that come from lambda
and so THE S.O.T are created.
but thanks to the sot. many good memories are made
we copied each other homework
and with kyan's evil grin. she can make people smile easily.
and you better remember me when im in NS !!! cause when im out !!!
i'll find you. hahaha

I wish you a Happy Birthday and don't kill me for not coming to school today okayh???
one important thing about this girl is she like to threatened people.

Happy Birthday to you !
and hope your dreams and wishes come true !
also, wish you all the best in NS too.
we both sama-sama go get experience in NS
You are 17 now. and i know you have many things you want to achieve

talk about mei yin
she is one of a prefect that you do not want to mess with
she is sooooo berdisiplin and is really taking the responsibility of a prefect
the girl in blue that always saya...button up, pls don't eat here, tuck in your shirt and etc.
She is also a very smart girl that manage to go to alpha from beta
and now also one of the straight A's student in school
Congrats !!!

i don't quite remember when i meet you
cause its long long long long long ago
since BBGS !!! which is now pavillion KL
i remember when we are in primary
always hang out together like what normal kids do last time
remember the times we play at the back of the school in BBGS at the pondok there?
it was one of the best childhood memories i have
don't forget. when the rain pours means no study in BBGS ground floor
due to flood and we'll start sweeping rain water out of the class using the broom.

not only that, i think you can motivate people to do something too.
and i must really thank you for always taking place for me in tuition.
also make sure we both won't get too dark when we come back from NS !! hahaha
later tak kenal each other pulakk.
and for the picture i posted up there, i actually want to post the picture we took during PBSM
when we are about to do out kerja amal
but that picture is kindda blur and funneh face of us so i put this picture only la..

Lastly, to you both. GOOD LUCK IN SPM
there are more challenge coming up after out SPM
strive for it
and hope both of you have a nice and happy day on your BIRTHDAY !!!

*quite a long post hor??*

this is a video where Girls Generation sang Sorry Sorry of Super Junior (lalala version)
so i sincerely say sorry for not going to school to celebrate your birthday
if you have heard before the original version by super junior then you can compare
i liked both version !! hahaa


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