Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tuesday, July 14, 2009
i've got nothing to post these days.
nothing special happens but exam is coming..
why would the school want to have another exam while teachers can't even finish their syllabus
teachers kept changing and timetable changed for a few times.. i though the school should give the best teachers and everything to the SPM students
but i don't think so.
anyway. just gonna do my best and trials i coming out soon.
i masih tak sedar sedar diri. ^.^

anyway here's a MV of Kim Jun new solo song. * i think its not bad cause i quite like the genre*
since i don't really like really slow songs. but slow songs with some R&B genre are nice.

Jun Be OK!- Kim Jun and MV feat Kim Hyun Joong

recently there are many korean girl group debut
2 of them are 2ne1 (pronounce as twentyone) and 4 minute
listen to some of the newest korean songs and you'll find that korean wave is changing to the mixture of r&b,a little electric and techno.
whatever is it. i think the songs are really catchy for the time being
the repeat thing are kindda over now like wonder girls - nobody, girls generation- Gee, super junior- sorry sorry

now lets enjoy new korean songs. and also english and chinese songs.hahaha
i enjoy all !!! but just not really into japanese.

2ne1 - I Don't Care *this song is on my playlist too*

4 minute - Hot Issue

btw, ammelia just told me today that new MV of me and gaaya is already posted on her blog !! OMG !! embarrassment. too late already to say that.
but anyway go watch it la.. at ammelia's blog. link at the sidebar of my blog.


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