Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thursday, July 30, 2009
this virus is getting active in Malaysia
more and more people are getting infected
another one have passed away because of this
and this person is only 20 years old.

today i skipped school cause there's no exams today.
i rather stay home to study biology.hahaa
kindda studied and facebook-ing at the same time
and a few hours ago i found out our school SBU is now going to be under quarantine.
so to all SBU-ians dont go school tommorow and basically for a week till 6th of August.
and there's no Biology exam tommorow.
excited but still got to study cause trials are coming and its scaring me !!!!

and to all who are having flu or high fever. you better go to the hospital and check
remember to self quarantine yourself too.
this virus is spreading !!!!!!
don't let it get to you.

see ya !!!


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