Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009
*cheers* im hardworking enough to write about last friday !! haha
last friday, kyan,zuikhai,sueling,gaaya and ME went to leisure mall to watch Harry Potter which premier on Thursday !
actually this idea pop out from the girl who sits beside me suk khuan.
She was showering in the morning and then plans to go watch Harry Potter
but she couldn't join us in Leisure Mall cause its quite troublesome for her to do back from leisure
but she still watch it on the same day hald hour before us in Times Square !!! and times square got like 20 minutes of advertisement before the show so basically we watched at the same time in different location !

and on friday after school. or i mean after coop meeting
we walked to the bus stop at Courts and took a bus to leisure mall
and yes sorry kyan and zukkhai for the need to wait for me and suetling.
Its quite an important meeting. cause im now officially
yay !!! no need to go for any meetings or whatsoever. just wait for the farewell party !!! WOOHO

then we reached leisure mall and makan-ed McD
and suet ling ate like BIG MAG !!! she got good appetite there.
when makan-ing McD . gaaya reached and met us at Leisure Mall when all of us wondering if gaaya know where are we. haha
With the perfect timing. we reached the cinema and masuk to watch.
before that me,gaaya and suetling even took a blur and weird picture outside the cinema door !!!
and kyan was left alone in the cinema !!

now for my review towards harry potter movie.
if you haven't watch the movie. do not scroll down. spoilers ahead.
one simple world can describe it
i think i watched NOTHING
maybe i have high expectation towards harry potter
but the movie is quite dissapointed because i didn't get to see more of quidditch game.
and only get to see very little of hagrid.
very little fighting scenes and i wanted to see more of draco's evilness at the begining.
there's a lot of love story going on in the movie
and the funny part is Ron with his so called girlfriend which is obessed of him
which Ron kiss until his lips hurt !! HAHaha
There's a lot of Ron this time in the movie and less of hermoine.
and sadly Dumbledore was killed at the end by snape which is the half-blood prince.
the middle of this movie talks a lot about the history of Tom Riddle (Voldemort)
and how harry got the real memory from proffesor Slughorn on Tom Riddle.

i quite like when harry attacked draco for suspecting him of putting a curse on the necklace.
then , you'll see the half blood prince saving draco because of the Unbreakable Vow.

what i can say now is lets just see the next harry potter which is the deathly hallows
which the producers are breaking it into two parts
where part 1 is around november next year and part two the following year in july.
most people basically watched harry potter like YEARS ago.
and people will just watch it when it comes out everytime,
and all the actor and actress are just getting older and i miss the first series of harry potter
with cute litlle actors !! hehe


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