Sunday, July 5, 2009

Times Square

Sunday, July 5, 2009

*the three insane human who ran after the bus to rush to times square ! *

a total last minute plan with no sense of direction at all
was talking about going to watch Ice Age 3 during one of the ceramah in school
and sukkhuan,gaaya and me planned to go times square to book the ticket
in one condition is that i need to skip my physics class cause that class ends at 3.15 pm on saturday !!!
another thing is we got to go buy presents for miss ng kei yan and miss lee mei yin.
so on saturday reached tuition like normal. and in bio class i started asking whether we going even though i can't even book any tickets at all.
since gaaya and sukkhuan wanna go so just tag along la. too bad angel and kei yan can't come together.


1.50pm - came out of bio class cause razazu end the class late
1.52pm- gaaya, sukkhuan and jooee rush downstairs and planning to either walk,bus or lrt
1.53pm - decided that we should take the bus to catch the movie which is at 2.15 pm
1.55pm- in the process of crossing the road, saw the bus and we basically run like mad women just to reach the bus stop. THANKS TO ALL THOSE INTENSIVE RUNNING> we got into the bus
1.59pm- reach somewhere near times square but still need to WALK
2.03 pm- in Times Square and... the the queue to buy tickets is sooooo longggg
2.10pm - gaaya and sukkhuan insists that we must watch the movie even if it sold out
2.12pm - tried their luck and yup there's place but all separate places for 3. we still go for it cause we really want to watch Ice Age 3.
2.15pm - should be in cinema but busy buying popcorn outside, reach into the cinema late and its already dark

*** sukkhuan and gaaya the two sesat people who don't know how to find their place needed assistance from JOOEE to calm them down and teach them how to count and see a,b,c,d and etc.

and sorry sukkhuan for taking ur coke cause its all dark... didn't see you waving with my 100 plus !! hahahahahah the aunty beside you thinks you are orang gila !! HAHhahahah

anyway, the movie was okayh.. i prefer ice age 1 and 2 compared to 3
there are many funny scenes.. laugh like mad cause there's this human in front and beside of me who laughs really loud that make u wanna laught too !!!

movie end and its time to shop for pressies.
you can see the word SALE everywhere !!!
and and we saw suet ling and her sister when we came out of the cinema

*proven! gaaya cannot hold the camera properly and ends up her face is cut into half* hahhaa

MAKAN !!!!

feeding each other ! and being very noisy at the same time .

but before that we stopped by krispy kreme !!!!!
like what me and gaaya said. size and choco J.Co is better
but krispy kreme's taste and icing is better
its better if both company are joint together !!! guarantee many people buy
and i guess me, sukkhuan and gaaya are fated with krispy kreme !! hahaha
cause there's this guy that suddenly appear out of no where when we are camwhoring with doughnuts
at first i tot he want us to lower down our voice but he didn't
instead he politely say good morning
and start asking hows the service and whether are we college students or whatsoever.
then he hands us two card which is like a comment card.
he said that by filling that card we might be able to enjoy free doughnuts when they open another franchise cause in mid valley there's another shop there already.
so we start filling in the card and put many stupid but reasonable comments !! hahahahah
hopefully we can enjoy free doughnuts soon !! HAhahah

then, not wasting any time, we started hunting for things to buy
went to quite a lot of shops
and there on shop that sells shoe that gaaya just run in there like a mad women
took one of the polka dots shoe and start trying it

the funny thing is when she wanna try on the shoe she just campak the shoe she wearing to the side. and beside here there's a lady that is trying on shoes and suddenly only gaaya's shoe appear beside her leg !! me and sukkhuan are like stunned.speechless.

want to buy a lot of things but due to lack of cash we couldn't
bought the presents that we need to buy.
walk around and seeing many very very cheap things.
then we need to head home already beacuse i need to reach home by 6 to have dinner out with family.
sat the monorail then take the lrt to reach cempaka station
i took the ampang lrt lane so we are separated at that point cause they are heading to maluri
i still don't understand why they took the sri petaling lane instead of ampang.
can't blame. i never really sit LRT before. sat bus for the first time ever. and monorail for 2 or 3 times. cannot blame me for not knowing which lane to which right?

basically i was exhausted already. i've been out the whole day till night.
and just now i went to pudu ulu to exercise with mom and sis at 8.30am
and i slept like at 2.45 am to watch Rosy Bussiness
cause its very famous in Hong Kong so i just watch la.. didn't watch all episodes cause dad watch most of the episdoes.
i basically only watch 5-6 of the episodes and the ending was okokla.



2 humans that made me laugh until i tak boleh tahan !



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