Friday, August 7, 2009


Friday, August 7, 2009
no more waking up late
no more hours of tv and facebook
no more restaurant city,mafia,farmtown or barn buddy

today school reopens after the school is quarantined for 1 week.
it was the greatest day when im going to school today is because
there's no traffic at ALL !!!
reached school and not many came to school today
i went to school just because i told my mum before that today got exam
so its quite impossible to tell her that im going to ponteng today
went to school and chat chat chat AND MORE CHAT
but we're holding a BIOLOGY book at least !! hahahha
didn't even really read at all.
time passes soo fast and after recess we took our last paper which is biology paper
see the first question. i think im gonna faint soon !!!
the cause of not reading biology during holidays
totally blank !!!!! and i started simply answer all the questions.
whatever least i dont think i'll get a zero for the paper !! haha

anyway. i know my blog is dead for a week already.
so see laa..i updated my blog.
its gonna be a busy weekend with tuition packed on saturday
and chemistry 5 hour class on sunday.
so see ya all soon !!!! its been long since i see the s.o.t
and today sukkhuan is totally sot-ing in school that made xiauwei went gila also !! hahha
its fun to go to school !


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