Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I can smell October

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
this is what my addmaths and physics tuition teacher always say these days
"i can smell october"

he said that because it means that there's only 1 more month left to SPM
and we wouldn't annoy him anymore about add maths

October is almost here and next week is PMR if im not wrong
time just pass too fast.
and i guess i wasted a lot of it.
i can't turn the clock back to january when we have plenty of time to revise our form 4 syllabus
now we're left with only a month before SPM

today, in class we're basically rotting in class for the whole morning
and i learnt a lesson today which is always bring more than 1 subject of workbook
because i will get bored doing the same subject for 2 hours !!!
btw,sukkhuan was basically bored of her chemistry and she wanted to do maths
but too bad she left her maths workbook at home !! hahaha
and nadiah is having her open house on saturday. so any gamma-ians going?
what i know is Xin Huei is craving for rendang all the time !!
the word rendang looks like its already printed on her head.

why oh why that nice movies only premiers at the end of the year like now till december !
there are SOOO many movies to watch
but how? with SPM getting near
even ninja assasin that i wanted to watch also air in malaysia in November.
but the movie is 18 above. so i need to find a cinema which do not check your IC when u enter.

so to everyone
Happy Studying and Good Luck !!!


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