Wednesday, December 30, 2009

29.12.09 Outing in BTS

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Date : 29th December 2009
Location : Berjaya Times Square
Time : 12.30pm till 10pm

it was a tiring day yesterday. my brain cells all dead due to singing K at neway
so we waited everyone to reach EXCEPT Jordan.
so the earliest to reach is Sukkhuan and Keiyan. good people
and we did not get to watch Chipmunk because no place. all near the screen
this is what happens when some cannot 100% confirm that they are coming.
if not i will be able to pay through e-payment. the day before.
so we ends up buying tickets for shelock holmes and ends up being in the same cinema room with my sis and her friends. gawd.

as justin and jason just loves to play bowling
so we head to bowl.
while sukkhuan,nikhi and jordan went to shop around.
it was the funniest bowling ever because when someone strikes of course we will happily shout
but we will also kindda make a lot of noise when someone's did not even hit anything.
i guess people are thinking that we are weird.
so the game starts. blablabla me trying to beat gaaya
and i BEAT HER
and angel being the last most of the time suddenly catch up gaaya
and keiyan trying to bear justin for the 1st place
and the winner is justin and the loser is gaaya *EVEN SHE PUT HER NAME FOR BLUETOOTH IS LOSER*wth

then rush to the cinema and got some time to spare to buy popcorn
the movie was ok to me
a lot of lame jokes in it
and there is definally a sequal for the movie
won't tell much about it JUST GO AND WATCH IT

then head to neway as the time i book is 4 pm but we are there at 4.45pm. we're late
but we still got our room.
went in and start singing like there's no tommorow.
one of the song that made sukkhuan voice CRACK is hot and cold by katy perry
OMG ! gaaya,sukkhuan and me gone wild while pria and nikhi got scared of us and keep on sitting away from
and to force pria and nikhi to sing, sukkhuan put on the song TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR !! hahahahahahhahahahaha
x immagine.
after sing K angel,jason,justin,nikhi and pria heads home.

then at 7 we shop and head for dinner at gasoline AGAIN !!!
the food there suck...
then after that we shop for a while and bid goodbye....
kyan,jordan,gaaya walked to the LRT station i guess
and sukkhuan's dad fetch her
and left me... waiting for my sis to come out of the cinema watcing avatar.
walked around and went borders.
then sis come out. she ate dinner at subway with her friend
then head home...wheeeee

its a nice gathering of the year
cause you guys will not be able to see me for almost 2 months
if we're meeting each other for CNY then make is 1 month.
and have fun to all that is going to college and those who are working. WORK HARDER
and ppl like ngkeiyan thatis going to ROT at home just make sure there are no mushroom on your head ya..??
lastly good luck to all !!!

P.S : i only got a few pictures of the outing will post it later.

To a S.O.T friend

thanks for your 'WONDERFUL' CHRISTMAS present in you blog.
so im here to repay your KINDNESS by giving you a late Christmas present or a New Year present.
*kyan shocked jooee with her weird movements*
status : kyan gila jooee normal

*kyan maniac of leehom*

* kyan and jooee both doing stupid things*

*kyan & jooee insanity level went up*(still not as high as kyan's level)

*in the end both kindda normal but look at keiyan masih giler giler*

Sunday, December 27, 2009

World's Friendliest Countries

Sunday, December 27, 2009 0

credits to

i jumped across a very interesting title with the word FRIENDLIEST

and amazing-ly !!! MALAYSIA, the country i live in is one of the TOP 5 country to be made into the list.

*proud proud proud* lol

*sorry for the blur picture*

im proud to be a Malaysian !!! We're Malaysian.

1MALAYSIA !!! whee.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SJI & SBU Prom 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 0
Date : 18th December 2009
Time : 7.30pm till 12 midnight
Location : Nikko Hotel

it was a fun night considering that i can't really recognise people well that night ! haha
everyone seem to surprise me.
and the latecommer for the day is GAAYATHRI !!!
the one that call us to reach early and blablabla its amazing that angel is early for once !! haha
but im still earlier !lol.
and i just remember!!! we forget to take the picture of the big Christmas tree at Nikko Hotel !!! credits to angel cause most of the pictures are from her !! hahaha
my camera battery went dead halfway cause i didn't charge...hehe...
the whole ballroom went misty as if we're in genting.haha.
so now PICTURES ! more in facebook.

*this is when the S.O.T are in action it always starts with kyan*

*jooee & kyan are still normal before going into the ballroom*

*jooee & sukkhuan in the dark dark ballroom*

*taking picture together*smiles*

*cheers !!! allthe best for our future*

*angel & jooee. the usual latecommer but came early that day*

*the heads like merry go round but this time my face is definally not READY*

*lets drink ORANGE JUICE*

*the BLACK VS PURPLE. btw, kyan is the mixture of both colour.haha*

*taking picture with the help of the camera's timer. hahaha*

*picture with MC of the day Ean and Eunice*

*round we going with the TABLE !! hahahaha *

*pictures in the toilet always have the best light effect*

*the last picture of the day on the stairs in Nikko Hotel*

*the S.O.T trying to be charlie angels pulakk*

*this is the PICTURE OF THE DAY for me. the S.O.T on the dancefloor*

*the moments.....WITH THE DOOR* haha

*the table we sat no.12*

*us in a magical ball*
may all our wish come true
will miss each and one of you.
better meet up frequently when i come back from NS
hope when we are 50 years old *if the world did not end at 2012*
we will spend time together drinking hi-tea together
and thanks for giving me a wonderful memories in year 2008/2009 !!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 0
you are now another year older
may you have another joyful and healthy year
21st December marks the day you are born
and your age marks the amount of experience you been through
have a happy and healthy life all the way !!!
Christmas is coming too so i wish you & dad a happy anniversary.
hope you'll be able to have a great day every single day !

Monday, December 21, 2009

tag from cousin rebecca

Monday, December 21, 2009 1
Rule 1: Must be affordable to many (so please don't state your dream gift like Diamond Ring, brand new car, a pet doggy etc..) Something your friends can afford.

Rule 2: Useful things please. (Don't give me toys.. haiyo.. how old are u? unless!!! You are a girl!! If u are a guy.. I'll Knock your socks off!!!)

Rule 3: Something Ppl can buy off the shelf. (Please lar don't tell me special edition card or book that is no where to be found.. that one wait for your special someone to buy for u..)

Rule 4) At least 10 in the list of gifts.

quite difficult to think of a list like that.
1) a teddy bear. i want a soft toy
2) Rain's album ( Rainism Asian Special Album)
3) Rain's Ninja Assasin DVD (will be release soon) *ORIGINAL*
4) a nice necklace. seem to be lack of it.
5)a storybook for me to read in NS
6) a nice phone accessory for my pink phone
7) a nice perfume
8) new shirt for CNY since i dont think i have time to buy since im in NS
9) a nice Christmas hat
10) a new book planner for 2010

my Christmas list is simple.

And now I wanna tag

bye to notebook2009

*edit*'i think this picture is really nice. us walking and saying bye to school'

time never stops
2008 and 2009. this 2 years seems to pass really fast.
poof. and we graduated from high school already
year 2009 is going to end
senior prom on the 18th marks the last time we'll actually see everyone.
other than the day we take our SPM results *faints*
wanted to throw my notebook away today like what happen to all my tuition notes.
flip over again and many memories i had all the time when i was in school can be seen in the book
all important task and things-to-do are listed in the book.
next year's notebook will be a brand new chapter of my life
cause it starts with National Service (NS)
*khidmat negara*

* Melaka is where i'll be for around 2 months*

the s.o.t established during 2008 in 4 Gamme 08
and we continue our S.O.T - ess
*the 'S' that loves david archuleta and would kiss the newspaper with his face on it"
"the 'O' are fanatic of Rain Jung since 2004/5"

*the 'T' with obsessions on Leehom"

5 Gamma 2009 was a great class to be in with many celebrations going on
all thanks to our beloved class teacher. =)

* Gamma 09 *

there are many things we draw when we're bored in seminar, in class and etc.
*this is what we'll scribble* look closely to see what we wrote haha*

"a circle of life??? suk(cat) eats joo(mice) eats kyan(cheese) & gaaya(choco)*

*the class timetable that keep on changing and civic lessons that are useless*
* yingtung who conteng-ed my notebook*

*another madness of leehom begining of the year*

* the big winnie the pooh for my birthday present with gaaya,angel,kyan,suk,leehom and davidarchuleta*
*sorry ya !!! din gave u all my picture!! haha*

and now the year 2009 is ending with Christmas coming soon.
december's planner is basically empty as school has ended. only with Merry Xmas wish. HOHOHO !! hahah

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is coming..

Saturday, December 19, 2009 0

last week went to midvalley megamall to search for my prom dress.


just bought in a month and cannot open. sent to them takes forever !! wth.

nvm. went there and since is Year End Sale (YES). you can see 50% 70% almost everywhere.

this are some picture that me and sis took when we're there.

saw some performance too at there where there's a girl dancing like a ballerina.

* me & Xmas tree in Metrojaya while mom and sis helping me to choose at the back*

there's a group of choir singing in Metrojaya too. singing Christmas song.

*decoration in midvalley if i remembered correctly this is at south court*

*me & Christmas tree in The Gardens*

*sis taking picture wih Xmas Tree in The Gardens*

anyway wish all of you an early MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee.


since my blog is reallyyyyy dead cause i updated all my post even before Chemistry paper starts. haha

so now im here to update about the last day of SPM

Date : 8th December 2009

Venue : SMK Seri Bintang Utara + Berjaya Times Square

Time : 4 something pm until around 10 pm

*Us outside the school while me and kyan eating ice-cream*

we were too excited that SPM ends

took pictures at skylite for the very last time.

but sadly sukkhuan got last minute emergency and couldnt join us

*last memories in the school's skylite*

so ignoring my BIG BIG PANDA EYE

i was basically forcing myself to go to times square with a super tired body.

WE WALKED TO THE LRT station cause non of us can't decide how to go there bus?taxi?lrt? and bleh

ends up we WALKED to LRT !! hahaha was quite a long journey but fun


you get to see keiyan suddenly shout PIT STOP !! cause....... there are rocks in her shoe !lol.

then gaaya would be the one that seems to be the blind one. she dun care about cars around her !! and kept complainig about us WALKING !

then we reached LRT and waited....

talk loads of crap and missing martin when passing by Pudu station.

reached hangtuah and we walked again to times square.

gaaya wanted to take the monorail but non of us wanted to ! so she is forced to follow us.

reach times square, book tickets for Christmas Carol 3D.

then went and makan-ed before the movie starts.

camwhore tak henti-henti.

*us waiting for our food to come*

me and gaaya then went searching for subway

as keiyan had pointed a weird way.

making us walked all the way back to the same place and then we found subwayyy

*jordan,me, gaaya* posing for the camera after the movie ends.

movie was okayhh. not bad. but there's one part thats quite scarry when the ghost suddenly HIT U !!

* me in gasoline being a good girl not vandalising the walls* =D

after movies went for dinner at gasoline

ordered food and jordan took out his pen and start conteng-ing the walls there !!!

found some familiar names from SBU and 1/3 of the wall is full of our names and drawings.


then gaaya had to go so the rest of us went down and took pictures with SNOWMANNN.

*angel,me,keiyan saying hi with the polystrene snowman* hahha
the lamest one way the BIG CARDBOARD where you put ur head and take pictures !!! lol the guy who took the pictures thinks that we're insane !

budden not long later i see his friends and he himself took a picture with that too.

then angel went home and kyan,me and jordan went up to borders cause me and jordan is following kyan for a ride to hang tuah station

went borders and did reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy weird things !!!

see the pictures. its on facebook. hahhaha ignore my panda eyes btw.

then thanks to kyan's dad me and jordan reached hangtuah station

took it till i reach cempaka and sis fetch me

its quite late already

i took a shower and staight went to SLEEP !!

REALLLLUYYYY tired cannot immagine how tired am i

slept like 12 hours maybe.

and thats the end of the SPM and the end of wearing my coop uniform.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009 0

happy 21st birthday that falls on the 2nd December !
want to say thanks for fixing my computer whenever it went gila
always strive for the best and never give up !
remember to always listen to your younger sister advice too. hahaaha
study hard and work hard
earn more $$$ and buy me things that i like
in future when you get rich
remember to share with me some of it !!!
dont be selfish and keep it for yourself ! hahaaha
hope you like the present me and sis bought you.
and sorry for giving you a card made out of a half A4 paper
its not my idea but jooying's idea of doing that !

Happy Birthday !!!

this is a late post for the friends that had their birthdays during the time my blog is on hiatus.
i cannot stand seeing soo many post in drafts. and uncomplete so im doing posting it NOW !! haha

8th November

happy birthday to you !
even on your birthday also gotta go tuition.hehehe
wish you a happy birthday and now u TAIKOLUI lo
dun say u are young anymore you are 17
may all your birthday wish come true.
and dun dream of teppei so much ok? think of rain more. hahah
and oh yah.. sorry for the late present
blame it on gaaya that didn't bring the present ! its all her fault !
all the best to you.

18th November

the best present for your birthday is SPM
dun think that your b'day falls on the first day of SPM is bad ya?
its good.
you can make your birthday wishes about SPM !!!
right right?
wanna wish u a happy birthday ! and all the best to you in future
dont sot with keiyan about leehom soo much
later u become insane. *im serious*


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