Wednesday, December 30, 2009

29.12.09 Outing in BTS

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Date : 29th December 2009
Location : Berjaya Times Square
Time : 12.30pm till 10pm

it was a tiring day yesterday. my brain cells all dead due to singing K at neway
so we waited everyone to reach EXCEPT Jordan.
so the earliest to reach is Sukkhuan and Keiyan. good people
and we did not get to watch Chipmunk because no place. all near the screen
this is what happens when some cannot 100% confirm that they are coming.
if not i will be able to pay through e-payment. the day before.
so we ends up buying tickets for shelock holmes and ends up being in the same cinema room with my sis and her friends. gawd.

as justin and jason just loves to play bowling
so we head to bowl.
while sukkhuan,nikhi and jordan went to shop around.
it was the funniest bowling ever because when someone strikes of course we will happily shout
but we will also kindda make a lot of noise when someone's did not even hit anything.
i guess people are thinking that we are weird.
so the game starts. blablabla me trying to beat gaaya
and i BEAT HER
and angel being the last most of the time suddenly catch up gaaya
and keiyan trying to bear justin for the 1st place
and the winner is justin and the loser is gaaya *EVEN SHE PUT HER NAME FOR BLUETOOTH IS LOSER*wth

then rush to the cinema and got some time to spare to buy popcorn
the movie was ok to me
a lot of lame jokes in it
and there is definally a sequal for the movie
won't tell much about it JUST GO AND WATCH IT

then head to neway as the time i book is 4 pm but we are there at 4.45pm. we're late
but we still got our room.
went in and start singing like there's no tommorow.
one of the song that made sukkhuan voice CRACK is hot and cold by katy perry
OMG ! gaaya,sukkhuan and me gone wild while pria and nikhi got scared of us and keep on sitting away from
and to force pria and nikhi to sing, sukkhuan put on the song TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR !! hahahahahahhahahahaha
x immagine.
after sing K angel,jason,justin,nikhi and pria heads home.

then at 7 we shop and head for dinner at gasoline AGAIN !!!
the food there suck...
then after that we shop for a while and bid goodbye....
kyan,jordan,gaaya walked to the LRT station i guess
and sukkhuan's dad fetch her
and left me... waiting for my sis to come out of the cinema watcing avatar.
walked around and went borders.
then sis come out. she ate dinner at subway with her friend
then head home...wheeeee

its a nice gathering of the year
cause you guys will not be able to see me for almost 2 months
if we're meeting each other for CNY then make is 1 month.
and have fun to all that is going to college and those who are working. WORK HARDER
and ppl like ngkeiyan thatis going to ROT at home just make sure there are no mushroom on your head ya..??
lastly good luck to all !!!

P.S : i only got a few pictures of the outing will post it later.


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