Saturday, December 19, 2009


Saturday, December 19, 2009
since my blog is reallyyyyy dead cause i updated all my post even before Chemistry paper starts. haha

so now im here to update about the last day of SPM

Date : 8th December 2009

Venue : SMK Seri Bintang Utara + Berjaya Times Square

Time : 4 something pm until around 10 pm

*Us outside the school while me and kyan eating ice-cream*

we were too excited that SPM ends

took pictures at skylite for the very last time.

but sadly sukkhuan got last minute emergency and couldnt join us

*last memories in the school's skylite*

so ignoring my BIG BIG PANDA EYE

i was basically forcing myself to go to times square with a super tired body.

WE WALKED TO THE LRT station cause non of us can't decide how to go there bus?taxi?lrt? and bleh

ends up we WALKED to LRT !! hahaha was quite a long journey but fun


you get to see keiyan suddenly shout PIT STOP !! cause....... there are rocks in her shoe !lol.

then gaaya would be the one that seems to be the blind one. she dun care about cars around her !! and kept complainig about us WALKING !

then we reached LRT and waited....

talk loads of crap and missing martin when passing by Pudu station.

reached hangtuah and we walked again to times square.

gaaya wanted to take the monorail but non of us wanted to ! so she is forced to follow us.

reach times square, book tickets for Christmas Carol 3D.

then went and makan-ed before the movie starts.

camwhore tak henti-henti.

*us waiting for our food to come*

me and gaaya then went searching for subway

as keiyan had pointed a weird way.

making us walked all the way back to the same place and then we found subwayyy

*jordan,me, gaaya* posing for the camera after the movie ends.

movie was okayhh. not bad. but there's one part thats quite scarry when the ghost suddenly HIT U !!

* me in gasoline being a good girl not vandalising the walls* =D

after movies went for dinner at gasoline

ordered food and jordan took out his pen and start conteng-ing the walls there !!!

found some familiar names from SBU and 1/3 of the wall is full of our names and drawings.


then gaaya had to go so the rest of us went down and took pictures with SNOWMANNN.

*angel,me,keiyan saying hi with the polystrene snowman* hahha
the lamest one way the BIG CARDBOARD where you put ur head and take pictures !!! lol the guy who took the pictures thinks that we're insane !

budden not long later i see his friends and he himself took a picture with that too.

then angel went home and kyan,me and jordan went up to borders cause me and jordan is following kyan for a ride to hang tuah station

went borders and did reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy weird things !!!

see the pictures. its on facebook. hahhaha ignore my panda eyes btw.

then thanks to kyan's dad me and jordan reached hangtuah station

took it till i reach cempaka and sis fetch me

its quite late already

i took a shower and staight went to SLEEP !!

REALLLLUYYYY tired cannot immagine how tired am i

slept like 12 hours maybe.

and thats the end of the SPM and the end of wearing my coop uniform.


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