Monday, December 21, 2009

bye to notebook2009

Monday, December 21, 2009
*edit*'i think this picture is really nice. us walking and saying bye to school'

time never stops
2008 and 2009. this 2 years seems to pass really fast.
poof. and we graduated from high school already
year 2009 is going to end
senior prom on the 18th marks the last time we'll actually see everyone.
other than the day we take our SPM results *faints*
wanted to throw my notebook away today like what happen to all my tuition notes.
flip over again and many memories i had all the time when i was in school can be seen in the book
all important task and things-to-do are listed in the book.
next year's notebook will be a brand new chapter of my life
cause it starts with National Service (NS)
*khidmat negara*

* Melaka is where i'll be for around 2 months*

the s.o.t established during 2008 in 4 Gamme 08
and we continue our S.O.T - ess
*the 'S' that loves david archuleta and would kiss the newspaper with his face on it"
"the 'O' are fanatic of Rain Jung since 2004/5"

*the 'T' with obsessions on Leehom"

5 Gamma 2009 was a great class to be in with many celebrations going on
all thanks to our beloved class teacher. =)

* Gamma 09 *

there are many things we draw when we're bored in seminar, in class and etc.
*this is what we'll scribble* look closely to see what we wrote haha*

"a circle of life??? suk(cat) eats joo(mice) eats kyan(cheese) & gaaya(choco)*

*the class timetable that keep on changing and civic lessons that are useless*
* yingtung who conteng-ed my notebook*

*another madness of leehom begining of the year*

* the big winnie the pooh for my birthday present with gaaya,angel,kyan,suk,leehom and davidarchuleta*
*sorry ya !!! din gave u all my picture!! haha*

and now the year 2009 is ending with Christmas coming soon.
december's planner is basically empty as school has ended. only with Merry Xmas wish. HOHOHO !! hahah


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