Friday, December 4, 2009

Coop Farewell

Friday, December 4, 2009
before SPM started the SMKSBU cooperative prefect had our farewells in Federal Hotel.
it was an enjoyable day as we had our lunch/hightea in the upper floor of the hotel.
attendees : all form 5 cooperative prefect and the members of the new board 2010 & teachers too

we ate all kinds of food there and keep spinning around
we keep spinning because we're in Bintang Revolving Restaurant on the 18th floor.
it basically turns 360 degree. but when it turns i don't turn smoothly
which can cause some small jerk there.
but its fun anyway.

ON THE DAY, most of form 5 martin students got tuition on that day
particularly, its me, angel and xin huei
so from tuition we went straight to the hotel
*thanks to angel's dad for fetching us there !! kamshamida*

this is what happen in tuition
keiyan wrote on my notes *AGAIN*
she wrote "di mana ada lollipop, di situ ada keiyan*
*sorry for the blur pic*

then fron tuition to federal hotel by leaving bio class early
sorry mr.razazu. =)
and when we reach there its like...
then we saw some juniors there and teachers waiting for the form 5's.
sorry teacher.
so i started taking picture

the hotel lobby.taken when we went up.

*peace sign from jooee*

*this picture proves that i went tuition with the file im holding*

lets camwhore !!! =)

then after most of the people arrived we went up to the 18th floor and stated to makan !!!

i think this is taken when we just started

*FOOD* some are nice some suck

this is the curry that taste like ...*undescribe-able*

while we were eating we also had some fun taking pictures.*sorry ah no pictures of human makan-ing*

*kebangaan malaysia the petronas twin tower* ITS TWIN !!!!

THIS PICTURE !!! taken by me
xinhuei and kienyoong looking out to the scene while suetling and angel are kissing each other.


POSE even if u're eating.

look at the table.

smile smile *kachakkkk*

lastly, everyone in the picture with teacher before teacher leaves.

and after this when my camera is dead...
lens tak bukak bukak
wanna kill olympus already.
until now my camera is still in the factory !!!
mom was grumbling about how we just bought the camera in less than a month
and cannot use it.
that day the person from fotokem midvalley called
and said. the factory ppl still can't find whatever SHIT spareparks for the camera
cause i called and rush them and sis went there and ask them
and now they called back and say we gotta wait longer. WTH
just give me another camera of the same version la !.ish.

and at the end.
i enjoyed the day and will miss becoming a coop prefect
and next week tuesday which is chemistry exam which is last paper
will be the last time im wearing my uniform with a grey tie.
will miss everthing we did especially during coop food sale
we can always get to eat free food on that day.haha
to everyone keep in touch ya. !


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