Friday, December 4, 2009

Graduation 09

Friday, December 4, 2009
Date : 31st October 2009
Venue : Legend Hotel
Attendees : All Form 5 Students of SMKSBU

This is the day the form 5's graduated even before we leave the school and yet take our SPM results.
this is the last year we'll be spending time together in school
and now, its a few days left before we finish our SPM examination
life will be different as many will be attending college/form 6 soon
and some like me will be doing my duties as being the super lucky one for National Service.
time passes really fast that i didn't realise there are sooo many memories that had been made in school.
the time where many ponteng school and time where we had fun talking everyday will be less.
as the times we will meet each other will be less.
this is why i hope everyone will keep in touch together using the lastest web with most visiting counts in the world the FACEBOOK *facebook ah. you can come and ask me to be ur endorsement artist*muahhaaa
one more thing. i WILL MISS 5 GAMMA !!!!

*look at the whiteboard* created a list of what MJ

anyway back to graduation
all of us got to wake up early in the morning just to get prepared for the event that start at 8am *i think*
when i reach there. sukkhuan, nikhi was there already
and soon kyan and angel arrived and more and more form 5's arrived.
what we did? we took pictures of course.

*the O & T of the s.o.t* muahaha

we being normal humans again.

the s.o.t !!!!! in NORMAL MODE>)


The stage.
then all of us got up the stairs to take our harrypotterlookalike robe.
too bad me and sukkhuan forget to bring our wizard hat & wand.
then we wore it and start taking pictures !!!!

this is the picture that i loved !!!

SMILE after putting on the robe

a shinny shinny star !! *not shiny also weird star shape also hahaha*

all of us in the toilet wanting the take picture in the
then we went in to the hall to get prepared as the VIP is going to arrive

angel's head suddenly only pop out from no.where.

a picture with angel and jeanyinn *its hard to take a picture with jeanyinn*

me & tung. we sat together cause in out class namelist im after her !!!
hehehe. we were bored sitting at the back !!

after the event, all of us took class picture,eat take pictures and basically keep talking and taking pictures.

5 Gamma 09

*kyan acting as the future lawyer**the s.o.t mode*

WE GRADUATED *form 5 only laaa*

someone downstairs took this picture. so what we do is SMILE !!!

like reflectiong from the mirror ! love it.

then we went up after eating and took more pictures
this is when the s.o.t become more SOT
i will miss the s.o.t cause we can't be that gila anymore. =(

i know im weird here but the picture is nice...X)

*here i suggest we take a jump shot*
so angel put her camera on the piano and on the timer
amazing-ly at the first shot we got it !!
we're good
then sukkhuan mumbled saying she want a jump shot too.
and this is what happen

we jumped and failed.

this time we didn't even jump at the right time
we were just preparing to jump but camera took the pic already.FAILED

then we count harder but can only see all of us in the process of 'going to jump'.

then we jumped again. but basically jason& justin blocked ppl in the middle
and i *ehehhehesorryah* blocked people behind me
so this picture is a sucess jump for me though !
then we got tired of jumpimg and prepared to go home
when all of us went down
many people went home already
basically left a few person only.
so me,sukkhuan,zuikhai,jordan walked to the LRT station
and helping keiyan to cross the road cause she is like gaaya
expecting the car to stop when she's crossing *dangerous humans*
then i went home feeling super tired !

we graduated from form 5 and now we will enter another section of our lifes
always keep faith in yourself and be yourself !
to everyone of SMKSBU form 5 class 2009

credits : pictures courtesy of angel,keiyan, and etc. cause my camera atthat time is still in the factory until NOW ALSO !!! AGHHH


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