Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SJI & SBU Prom 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Date : 18th December 2009
Time : 7.30pm till 12 midnight
Location : Nikko Hotel

it was a fun night considering that i can't really recognise people well that night ! haha
everyone seem to surprise me.
and the latecommer for the day is GAAYATHRI !!!
the one that call us to reach early and blablabla its amazing that angel is early for once !! haha
but im still earlier !lol.
and i just remember!!! we forget to take the picture of the big Christmas tree at Nikko Hotel !!! credits to angel cause most of the pictures are from her !! hahaha
my camera battery went dead halfway cause i didn't charge...hehe...
the whole ballroom went misty as if we're in genting.haha.
so now PICTURES ! more in facebook.

*this is when the S.O.T are in action it always starts with kyan*

*jooee & kyan are still normal before going into the ballroom*

*jooee & sukkhuan in the dark dark ballroom*

*taking picture together*smiles*

*cheers !!! allthe best for our future*

*angel & jooee. the usual latecommer but came early that day*

*the heads like merry go round but this time my face is definally not READY*

*lets drink ORANGE JUICE*

*the BLACK VS PURPLE. btw, kyan is the mixture of both colour.haha*

*taking picture with the help of the camera's timer. hahaha*

*picture with MC of the day Ean and Eunice*

*round we going with the TABLE !! hahahaha *

*pictures in the toilet always have the best light effect*

*the last picture of the day on the stairs in Nikko Hotel*

*the S.O.T trying to be charlie angels pulakk*

*this is the PICTURE OF THE DAY for me. the S.O.T on the dancefloor*

*the moments.....WITH THE DOOR* haha

*the table we sat no.12*

*us in a magical ball*
may all our wish come true
will miss each and one of you.
better meet up frequently when i come back from NS
hope when we are 50 years old *if the world did not end at 2012*
we will spend time together drinking hi-tea together
and thanks for giving me a wonderful memories in year 2008/2009 !!


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