Monday, December 21, 2009

tag from cousin rebecca

Monday, December 21, 2009
Rule 1: Must be affordable to many (so please don't state your dream gift like Diamond Ring, brand new car, a pet doggy etc..) Something your friends can afford.

Rule 2: Useful things please. (Don't give me toys.. haiyo.. how old are u? unless!!! You are a girl!! If u are a guy.. I'll Knock your socks off!!!)

Rule 3: Something Ppl can buy off the shelf. (Please lar don't tell me special edition card or book that is no where to be found.. that one wait for your special someone to buy for u..)

Rule 4) At least 10 in the list of gifts.

quite difficult to think of a list like that.
1) a teddy bear. i want a soft toy
2) Rain's album ( Rainism Asian Special Album)
3) Rain's Ninja Assasin DVD (will be release soon) *ORIGINAL*
4) a nice necklace. seem to be lack of it.
5)a storybook for me to read in NS
6) a nice phone accessory for my pink phone
7) a nice perfume
8) new shirt for CNY since i dont think i have time to buy since im in NS
9) a nice Christmas hat
10) a new book planner for 2010

my Christmas list is simple.

And now I wanna tag



Sorry (in case if you don't expect a strangers comment), im just a nobody.. find your facebook account and finally reach in your blog.. umm pretty interesting.. i have to admit.. enjoy reading your blog.. keep it up buddy..

Don't know its possible.. but i wish i can present you a planner.. after reading your list :)

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