Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wonder Girls - the 1st Wonder Live in Malaysia.

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Date : 11 December 2010
Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting
Time : 8pm
Event : The 1st Wonder Concert Live In Malaysia 2010

First, the tickets to wonder girls concert. I actually won tickets to the concert.
the first one was by ! THANK YOU LOADSSS saw it on my twitter that they are giving out tickets.
and as usual be the first caller and sing wonder girls 'nobody' and tadaaa you'll win 2 tickets for the rock zone.
was listening to online one night and OMG heard the cue and quickly called them and YES !!! im the first caller in. sang a part of nobody and won my self 2 tickets to go see the WONDER GIRLS ! the last time i see the wonder girls perform is at MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. its nice to see sms sent by them to remind you as one of their winners !! 

the tickets and see the RM 0 . LOL !

and thank goodness dad would be free on that day to go all the way to genting~~! yay. and what seriously shocked me was on there's one evening where i suddenly received a call and they were like 'congratulation you just won yourself tickets to see the wonder girls' i was half asleep when i picked up the phone. so i was like ' yeah' and they verify whether its me and stuff and said they will send the details to my email. and then i found out i won another 2 ticket *but not rock zone its the seatings one* from genting. Checked their facebook page and saw this

The winners for the Wonder Girls contest are...Tan Jit Ren and Lim Joo Ee! Congrats to the both of them. And a big thank you goes out to all who participated! If you didn't win, don't let this stop you from goin' to the concert to watch the sexy girls' first ever concert in Malaysia! :)

 at the end. my mom wanted to go and see the concert so she pulled dad along with her!
so on that day, at around 3 pm head to genting. stopped by gohtong jaya to eat lunch cum dinner.
reached genting and as usual PARKING is always an issue. went and collect my ticket and it was freakking hot in KL that day but cold at 16-17 degree LOVE ! mostly the rock zone people lined up outside as others are all numbered seats. the media kept on asking the fans to chant and stuff so me & sis just kindda HELPED them since most of the fans there seems to be the 'im a wonder girls fan but im quite'.hhahaa

went in the arena of stars and when its strikes 8pm the whole venue is filled with people ! i seen a lot people buy tickets on the day itself at the counter.concert starts  a few minutes later but the opening is done by malaysian artist such as henley (project superstar 2 winner), Lau Wan Yin (hokkien singing competition) and Iz Sulaini (one in a million finalist). i can say that their performance were good !

wonder girls appear and the crowd went crazy EXCEPT the people at the VVIP that bring the WHOLE family consists of people that didn't some to enjoy but scold some fans to call them to be quite*i even saw one grandma vomited at the dusbin after the concert*.anyway i find it fun to be at the rockzone

the crowd

the organisers of the event
they sang most of their songs and i loved sohee's solo performance of 'single ladies' and also yubin's 'So What'. it was a short concert but it made me gona crazy *probably because im at rock zone and standing makes a person more hyper i guess..ahhaha* as i know wonder girls even got a fan up to the stage and the GUY got a ENORMOUS PINK BEAR and i yelled 'A GUY DON"T NEED A PINK BEAR' and the people in front of me which is the VIP seatings people were just laughing at my statement but ITS TRUE !!
this is given by the organisers and its as hard as a CARDBOARD so didn't bother to hold it as i will just eventually block people's view at the back.
 this time for their last performance of 'nobody' in different languages they wore the red one instead of the classic silver one ! haha and as usual the closing speech of we'll be back to Malaysia and poof they are gone. some people even spot some mistake in their opening speech such as sohee's introduction speech where she said "KAMI SOHEE" instead of "SAYA SOHEE" so people just guessed that wonder girls eventually become SOHEE ! 
 after the concert went out and there a crowd outside the the road on the way to first world as some people are waiting for wonder girls to leave the concert as they saw the white car parked there. my mom wanted to wait there but my dad was basically asking my mom to go! EPIC ! and then we went to the GRAND sale there and shopped like crazy !and its almost midnight already ! then all the way back to KUALA LUMPUR ! can even feel the temperature change from cold to super hot ! then went to a place near my house to have some food since we didn't eat any dinner ! and the most scary thing is there's a group of people sitting at the table beside my family AND they also just came back from wonder girls concert. FOUND out when my sis was replaying the videos she took and they guy was saying "hey they went too" and there's one guy from the group starts to talk about kpop like ' there's actually 3 main entertainment company in korea like JYP,SM and YG and wonder girls is under JYP which is also RAIN'S ex-company and yada yada" . woahhhh scaryy.. ! 
and can watch the videos that my sis took at her BLOG and can easily search at youtube.
me and sis after concert ~!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting & promoting The Faceshop

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Date : 4th December 2010
Time 5.00 pm to 6.00pm
Event : Kim Hyun Joong fanmeet

pictures grabbed from sister's blog. if you want to see more pictures of the event go to her kpop craze blog at
reached pavillion at around 12 noon and there's already a bunch of fans sitting in line there.
so ME who wanted lunch badly went and buy some bread at 'The Loaf' with my cousin.
and bought some bread and i loved my chicken ham !
then we basically just ate and talked and talked and my cousin (eunice) and her friend jiyen are seriously into korean variety shows which scares me at some point that i was like HUH?!
and YES WAITED THERE SUPER EARLY when the event only starts at 5.30 pm !

and speed up the pace........tadaaa he arrived and im glad there's no late for 1 hour thing happening !
and i was basically got pancaked by the people at the back cause they don't seem to understand the word DON'T PUSH !

and HONESTLY ! when he appeared and i saw his the REAL PERSON. i was like hrmm. tall guy indeed, hairstyle like baekseungjo(his character in playful kiss), and dressing in full BLACK. and hrm nice looking guy. I didn't went all crazy though.

also there are some chinese girls at the back of me kindda pissed me off as they are speaking as if they don't even know any simple manners at all ! like COME ON STOP kicking my butt with ya LEG ! pushing me wont get u any nearer la !*don't even wanna mention the amount of curses they spit it our of their mouths!*

and thats him staring to the place im standing. he SERIOUSLY just STARE ! probably because some people are just going crazy there.
and for the first time i find the bodyguards are humorous ! after my past experience on other events the bodyguards *psst.psst. BEAST showcase* are just a pain in the ass.

partly because there's a bodyguard. he's probably Kim Hyun Joong's personal bodyguard and he dresses all well in his suit during the event and starts holding his sunglasses by putting it on and off AS IF HE'S THE STAR ! hahha
he came towards our site as some fans just kept pushing and the barriers kept moving forward. this korean bodyguard was trying to calm the fans at the back by WANTED TO ASK them to move to the back BUT once he wanted to speak he realized that nobody's gonna understand korean. so he needed to grab a staff to help him translate !! total epic moment !

not gonna say much since this fanmeeting is just sign,wave,smile, and bye bye

after the event. went and eat at sakae sushi and talk talk talk drink and eat sticky (the sweet. its AWESOME how they handmade the sweets) and then head to watch harry potter with a 2nd row from screen !
even though its near but the chair is more slanted and its actually FUN to sit that near cause it like we're actually experiencing the whole movie *especially the snake part that made SOMEONE screamed !! haha*

and at the end. only reached home around 1am.

to the next day.
Date: 5th December 2010
Time 10.30 am- 11.00am
Venue : The Faceshop Pavillion

reached pavillion at 9.45am and pavillion only opens at 10 am there are some fans already waiting there.
and once the doors open people basically gushed themselves to the faceshop but there's not much space outside the faceshop so i decided to go up the escalator and have view from the upper level.
and apparently, jay park's hi-5 event is at celcius so at around almost 10.15am you could see a big bunch of korean jay park fans were at pavillion as their event at celcius ended so they were walking at pavillion.
and when hyunjoong arrived. it was like EVEN FOREIGNERS were standing with the fans wanting to see who's this oh so famous fella !! haha
i estimate there are like 80 fans at pav. and fans all went crazy and i was just standing upstairs while my sister doing up and down the escalator to take pictures ! haha all the sudden EARLY IN THE MORNING AT PAV. everyone started to gather.
not long after he signed the board. and so called tour around the shop and pictures with media.
he is headed to sunway pyramid to visit the faceshop there. me and sis didn't plan to go there since its quite far
and im glad we did not go there cause sunway pyramid was SWARMING WITH fans and curious shoppers.
compared to pavillion i think sunway have like 50 times the number of people in pavillion.
and they say he only stayed at sunway pyramid for like 10 minutes !
thus, the end of the hectic weekends. just TOO BAD i didn't get to see PARK JAY BUM (ex-2PM member) cause his showcase is at berjaya hotel and hyunjoong is at pavillion on the same day.

*psst... im going for wonder girls concert in genting this saturday !*

The Social Network

Date : 22nd November, 2010
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
Event : Advanced/ special screening of The Social Network

Eventually, I won myself 4 tickets to watch this movie from by calling in.
how i win it? saw the questions posted by the DJ Jin on Hitz fm and it ask what is facebook page.
all the sudden it gained my interest and started listening to the cue for the call in.
when the listeners are given the cue. called and... oh yesh i got into the line.

 again THANKS TO HITZ.FM for the tickets. and one thing that is great about hitzfm is all winners get awesome seats in the cinema. you can see that the front seats are all empty.
another point is that i was lining up at the nuffnang queue not knowing its NOT queue cause nuffnang queue is wayyyyyyyyyy long and i didn't notice at the front there's a hitz table which is totally NO QUEUE at all !! hahah

so my review on this movie.
i would rate is 4 out of 5 cause its a good movie. but it shows that Mark (the creater of facebook) was a JERK and BETRAY his friend. like the picture on top it describes him TOTALLY !
at the beginning of the movie is actually struggled to understand what's he's trying to say cause he speak wayyy too fast but it becomes better after that.
this movie actually tells you how 'the wall' 'profile page''news feed' are created.
it shows how it becomes the facebook now from a typical social network for Harvard students then to more universities until the betrayal.

THERE"S ONE THING THAT SERIOUSLY DISTURBING as JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is kindda like the 'bad/evil' character which causes all the chaos in improving and taking facebook to the next level.

and psst.psst. if you going to watch the movie check out mark's namecard that reads I'm CEO...B**ch! and it is said that he ACTUALLY has a set of those namecard. 

thats all for my post on this movie~~!!
its been wayyy longggggg since i ever blogged. Haha will be seeing me MIA again as my edexcel Alevels exam is coming this JANUARY ! won't wanna screw it !

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Legally 18

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OH YESH ! im legally 18. *on 19th October,2010 (sorry for this really late blog post)* no worries on getting checked for my IC when watching 18 above movies. some cinema's are just really strict !
First of all THANKS TO EVERYONE for wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~!
my birthday falls on Tuesday.

so buddies-ku except Gaaya took out some of their precious time to come out and have a pre-birthday for me !
its been hard for everyone to even meet up wish all the clashes of time then test then exam then on study mode.

Date : 16th October
Venue : Times Square KL

its a quite oh-so-tiring to begin with SINCE I WAS NOT INFORMED THAT IT CHANGED TO TS FROM PAVILION !
this how it goes. i reached pav. with mom then i just walked around with mom at parkson while waiting for people to call me that they reach.
then someone CALLED ! i picked up the phone and THAT WAS A DEADLY PHONE !

angel : Where are you arr Joo Ee?
me : pavilion la
angel : ooohhhhmyyyygoddd then passes the phone to keiyan

after that call i ends up walking ALL THE WAY TO Times Square !
got a little sesat in sg. wang cause for some reason i couldn't find Giant. HAhahaa
then at LAST i reached TS. then went and makan-ed.
its the first time seeing Sukkhuan after she ditch us for a few times !
and Kyan being all innocent face *hrmppppp. still angry*

anyway , makan-ed and makan-ed
and i discover many new things is keiyan can't determine whether the fish is cooked or not and she rather have it BURNT !

and thanks for the cute cute doggie which got named all the sudden by these WEIRD people called benrue.
just because my dog at home is called rueben doesn't mean that its BENRUE !!!
*** i showed it to rueben and he stared at it for quite a long time*hahah

and of course need to thank my college mates for wishing me a happy birthday
and thank you for the slice of secret recipe cake !!! * LOVING IT !*
eating the cake right before malaysian studies class !! HAHAHhaa
also thanks to my Biology lecturer Ms.Mabel for wishing me *the Greatness of Facebook*
thank you very much !

i can say its quite a busy day on the 19th actually. with soo many things to do

and last but not least THANK YOU to mama,papa,cheche and gorgor *lolx*
had a nice dinner *YUMMY*
one thing that made me the happiest is MOST OF THE TIME FOOD ~!
i've also been stealing chocolates that my bro's friends bought from somewhere.
and sooo NICEE And YES IM GAINING WEIGHT AGAIN ! agh. diet diet
but when trials is just days away. its hard for me to diet as i must basically eat when im studying..

till then. byebybye

*sorry for the amount of dust collected in this blog due to long term without any updates. !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Leehom's Love In Disguise Special Screening

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Date : 21st August 2010
Venue : 1 Utama GSC Cinema Hall 3
Time : 3pm - 7 pm

*the entrance ticket*

i can considered 21st august to be the most packed timing i have ever had !
woke up early in the morning and head to nirvana for some ceremony or virtuals happening there.
then reached home at 1.15 and quickly just do whatever i need to do and left home at 1.40pm.
Due to the rush in timing, mom kindly fetch me all the way to midvalley to meet up with my sis that is having some competition going on there.
and outside midvalley as usual !! SUPER TRAFFIC ! reached midvally at 2.15pm and rushed all the way to robinsons parking lot and with my sis head to 1 utama !!!

and a BIG LOADS of THANK YOU TO ammelia's dad for helping me to redeem the ticket
and to ammelia that help me register and etc.
and of course THANK YOU SONY ERICSSON for organising the contest !!
reached 1 Utama and another issue which is FINDING CARPARK..aiyoohhh
after all the chaos reached GSC and went it and luckily nothing has started yet.
sat down at my place which is super near the front ! *not a good place to watch the movie but a good place to see LEEHOM* hahaaa
we were also given goodies bag from sony erricson with sony erricson promotional CD, SE mug, SE's car cover.

*free picture taken from sony ericsson*

after a talk from the general manager of sony erricson
then mr.WANG LEE HOM appears. he waved to everyone !!
all the media started flashing their super duper geng camera like crazy !
i just nicely sat there cause its the best view !! ahaha SOOO NEAR and no hectic or whatsoever. he's less than 10 metres from me laa !! hahha
*leehom and general manager of sony ericsson*
after a talk from the general manager of sony erricson.

*what ya looking???*

*he look like he wanna stick out his tongue ! *

*leehom with the emcee*

*leehom with a x10, a present from Sony Ericsson*

the interview between the emcee and leehom started
the interview is all in english and whoosh niceeeee !!

*waves !!! hhaha88*

after that we were asked to have some F.O.O.D outside the hall
the food given was not bad !

*me and sis playing around in the cinema hall*

went back into the hall early since i had nothing to do !
and all leehom's fans started to go all crazy in the cinema !
everyone is playing around the seat that he is going to sit when he is going to watch the movie !
ahhaha and ammelia's goodies bag got stolen and she found out its the person sitting next to her !! HOW EPIC ! so since beside my seats there's no one so just took the goodies bag from the seats.

*me and the STAR !! haha i was looking for a pen to write something on it but too bad no pen*

then everyone is in the cinema and in between the timing
those sony ericsson staff are moving and i heard this girl talking to someone on the phone saying leehom has 3 personal bodyguard with him and they are laughing at the fact that they look like CID !! haha * i pity the bodyguard because the sat on the floor when the movie started *

leehom came back into the cinema with GSC's popcorn !! hahhaa
and everyone started to settle down and enjoy the movie
not long later leehom had to leave and some people yelling for him to stay ! haha

after the movie, me and sis gotta RUSH ALL THE way to berjaya times square for a dinner .
and after the dinner reached home at 11.30pm !
exhausted but had a fun day ! hehe
the one thing i can say is leehom's picture and real person does not have much difference.

its been a fun 2010 year i can say !! hahaha from showcase/fanmeeting of korean boy group BEAST,then showcase of Brian Joo , then my most tiring ever MTV world stage, and now is leehom's special screening and this coming saturday is fanmeeting of SS501's kim hyung jun.

picture credits to jooying.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kyan's moments...

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This is the story of what happen when kyan & jooee start skype-ing.
the craziness is doubled when we skyped for almost 1 hour +++
with all the choco and keiyan making calls to sukkhuan & angel.


*yes she says she's nuts*

*the she became emo in less than 3 seconds*

*then she hyper by taking picture of herself WITHOUT THE BATTERY IN IT*

*then she starts dancing and a maniac*

*she got tired of dancing and continues with finger dancing*

*then she say she misses me and with the strawberry she called it on her head she posed with a heart*

*here, she proving me that she got strawberries on her head*

I've got almost 46 pictures of all weird poses.
so in order to protect her human rights i'll stop here
and let me tell you the ending of this story.
it ends up she have worms on her head to standing on the chair to get reception on the phone.
then start showing me her Student card to hyper about leehom and etc.

THE END ! kamshamida

Saturday, August 7, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010

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Date : 31st July 2010
Venue : Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Time : evening until the next day morning. only reached home at 3am after buying McD's GCB for a super late nite/morning dinner?

i've been despretely wanting to go to mtv world stage but didn't obtain any tickets UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE !
firstly thanks to 'you know who you are' for the extra ticket *KAMSHAMIDAHH*
but with only 1 ticket i only can go by gonna dump my sister anyway.
so on the day before the event my Wonderfuls are still holding some contest on fb to give out tickets.
the desperate me/ wanting my sister to go together so that i would have no problems in transport entered every contest from the wonder girls MY fb acc.
turns out. didn't win even 1 ticket at all !
seriously lost hope.

BUT the next morning (on the event day itself) the admin PM-ed me on fb asking me whether am i free or not ! and by there i obtain 1 ticket for my sister !!!!
was a total hush hush to sunway pyramid because sis only reached home at 4.15pm and rush all the way to sunway and the JAM !! OMG soo traffic.

basically was running in sunway pyramid to look for the person who's giving me the ticket !
and run all the way back to sunway lagoon and searched for 'you know who you are' and get the ticket. i was already sweating like crazy !
you can actually see the queue was veryy long already but somehow the space right after the barrier is where people just cut into the line and SO DID I ! people just willingly let us go though there.hAH
and suddenly it started to RAIN !*omigoshh*
by the time i got pass the security and got the paper fan and the plastic raincoat(poncho ah issit?) the rain is just POARING !
wore the stupiak plastic thing to keep myself dry and walked all the way to surf beach !

did i mention i got the normal ticket zone?
and when i reach there was planing to stand at the middle right in front of the barriers
BUT suddenly got some people asking the security to let them into the VIP zone
and the guard intentionally didn't allow but then he then open to the few people there and me ans sis just follow them in !
and ahahah IM IN VIP ZONE right in front of the stage ! kahahhaha

*sis left camera in the car so only got this picture took using her phone*
*fyi :my phone went crazy and i just got it fixed and the picture i took is not in the memory card, thus i conclude my phone went crazy when i was entering mtv world stage.*

then about the performance
first up BUNKFACE
i never really hear their songs before even if im a MALAYSIAN
but i can say they are good ! at least i know the TM song i think. hhaha
they were great !
then the MTV VJ from korea,china, and etc came out to talk.
and yada yada. and due to the rain many problems came out
it took about 30-45 minutes just to wait for wonder girls to perform !
*this is where i went crazy basically*
i was basically shouting and dancing and singingalong with a bunch of guys that are wonder girls fans*
and Wonder Girls did another time of 'NOBODY' at the end of the show
because the screen got short circuit when they perform the song before this

*Nobody - Wonder Girls*
i got perfect view cause im at the front and i can stand on the barriers's leg which make me stand taller. *my sis took this vid*

then waited almost 1 hour for TOKIO HOTEL TO APPEAR
they sang the MOST SONG
everyone were just moving their heads and hand and shouting !
they did a great job in performing and they even throw the guitar pick and drum stick.
all of those fall right in front of me ! *what a waste*

then another 1 hour +++ for katy perry
my dad already called like crazy and i guess he got more frustrated when he couldn't call my phone (cause my phone went crazy until cannot on already)
i seriously didn't regret waiting for katy to perform !
many people there already keep booing the VJ when they appear and some even couldn't stand cause of hunger and thirst of standing there soo long *fyi,NO WATER BOTTLES ALLOWED*
and after the event i found out the people are selling cold drink at RM5 !!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT !
*Katy performing Teenage Dream*
she even performed PEACOCK which her first time ever performing the song ! AND WOOTS, malaysians got to enjoy it first !! ahhahaha
she started the show with california girls and basically throughout her performance everyone is singing along !
too bad i didn't get to grab the enormous cherry *its the stage deco* which she throw toward my direction . sob sobs

it all ended after wonder girls perform the last stage and even when u wanna leave, there a HUMAN TRAFFIC.
cause to leave there a few escalator to go though
the security didn't want the escalator to breakdown so they stop once there's too man people on it. and all of us must wait in order to go up.

then, its time to go back and we are in need to WATER !
went though mcd and bought GCB and makan-ed.
and the after effect from that day
  1. still very hyper
  2. sore hand
  3. sore legs
  4. muscle pain
  5. feeling tired for 2-3 days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

8tvnitelive on Brian Joo's Fan Meet

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credits to 8nitelive @ yt

*heheh spot me at 2.30 !! hHAhha and listen to my crazy screming and singalong throughout both videos !! hAHhaha*

Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live In Malaysia 2010 (Part 1)

Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live In Malaysia 2010 (Part 2)

Monday, July 12, 2010

[fancam] Brian Joo Fan meet

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the videos are all taken by my sister !
try to keep the volume low to avoid ur ears crack due to shoutings at the event !! LOL

and a tip for all of u BRIAN JOO FANS
brian and hwanhee probably are going to be back as fly to the sky as they are hoping that they can have a song together by end of this year

and Brian is preparing his album and hopes it will be done by august ! WOOHOO !

Brian Joo interacting with lucky fans

Brian Joo - Tears Run Dry

Brian Joo's fanmeet

Date : 10th July,2010
Venue : The Opera, Sunway Pyramid
Time : 3-5pm
Event : Brian Joo's fanmeet
*pictures below credited to respective owners as stated on the picture*

*banner outside the hall, can see glimpse of me and my sis* ( i was holding the camera)

KPOP IS GREAT ! been a kpop fan since 2005/2006.
all the way started with rain's concert in KL back in year 2007 !
and here's another kpop event which is BRIAN JOO's fanmeet !
all hail 8tvnitelive that i get to enjoy to my fullest in the fanmeet !
how i get the tickets? look at the post before this.

*Brian and 8tv winners*
Brian's right is ME and left is sister
*the official picture is not released yet so i will post later when they posted it*
this picture is taken after the fanmeet at the after party.

*Brian me again !!! but this was taken at the stage*

so firstly, me and sis left the house at 1 pm reach there around 1.20pm
and there's basically no queue there or anything
people are just rambling here and there to get tickets and buy the autographed album at RM45.
the venue, The Opera i think it looks very good with their concept !
so I went and collect my ticket from 8tv and here's what i got.

organiser rhythm land

Brian's merchandise which i love the towel a lot ! haha
Brian even threw one towel to the crowd and Baki (emcee of the day also host of 8tvnitelive) making jokes with towel with his sweat which caused quite a stir in the venue.

*the tickets*

*the poster in the paper bag also*

*what so special about my poster is... its AUTOGRAPHED * kahahha

*all thx to 8tvnitelive that i can get all these great stuff*
*also thx for the free shirt!*

*the album from 8tv too ISN'T it great??*


btw, his hair is AWESOME !!!

back to the fanmeet, there's not pushing, standing under hot sun or whatsoever
we just gotta give way to the media or VVIP to go in first and at least im standing in a air-conditioned place.
my ticket was at the VIP rock zone.
so eventually when I get to enter i was right behind the VIP seatings one
so those VIP is seating and im right at the back standing = i can view every single thing PERFECTLY!
Baki entertained the crowd before brian came out.
oh there's even one girl from 8tvnitelive interviewed me to give comments for their show
what do i think??? ITS AWESOME OF COURSE !!!
then Brian appeared with his song In my Head (korean version)
then he sang don't go.
then he starting chatting with the fans. MY FAVOURITE PART !
those who don't know who is brian joo, he's a korean-american (thus, he knows english)
at this point me and sis was basically shouting out words which came to out head
like SARANGHAE BRIAN, you're HOT and yada yada and suddenly sis say TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT
then brian react. what??? trying to understand what did we shouted
then i join my sister TAKE OUT UR SHIRT !!! fans beside us was like louder louder.
eventually he got what we said and said "No no no"

* sis and me*

*sis and me standing under the air-cond waiting*

then there's session for 4 lucky fans
which brian did a sexy dance to the first one
2nd,hug from the back
3rd, hugs from him
4th, act aegeyo(cute) to the fan (this is the most funniest part ever)
many fans were shouting their lungs out to stop brian from doing those ! hahah
then Brian continued singing . and its basically all my favourite
My Girl, Tears Run Dry and Bullet ( all in Manifold album)

when its the ending, fans all shouted encore !
and he came out and sing In my Head again but in the english version

the its the end of the fanmeet
and its time for picture session for the VIP seats and rock zone.
at first the only said its for the seating which caused some confusion for those people in the rock zone
but security who is standing there is kind enough to help us ask the people in charge
and thus, we can take pictures with brian joo !

the peak moment was when Baki announced that 8tvnitelive winners can go to the after party upstairs *i totally went WILD* hahha

* picture of me & sis with mike (he's super tall)*

*with 8tvnitelive host,Jules on the right and mike (the king?)*

free drinks and food are served during the party.
we met a crew from 8tvnitelive *the one that interviewed me* and she asked for comment on 8tvnitelive. and sister gave tonnes of comments. hope it helps !
and people that missed the episode where brian joo is on 8tvnitelive.
go to 8tv website and see the catch up tv and you'll find the episode there.

the after party to me was a take picture party with brian? LOL
all the media just keeps clicking on their camera
Brian didn't get to linger around.

* camera from from another angle* similar to the top picture but at different angle. lol

*pictures at the stage at a different angle too* there's like TONNES of camera's flashing but we only asked to focused on the official camera.*

overall, a great day with brian. took like 3 pictures (the group one with the Rock zone, 8tv grandprize winner with brian and the one after party picture)
got plenty of handshake, hugs and talked all the time when taking the pictures.
one of the convo made was

sister: hey brian do u know that we're sisters *pointing at me*
me : nod, yup yup
brian : wow, then both of you together can be my fans. OH WAIT, u guys are already my fans then COOL !
sister : *smile like a freakko*

* took this picture before leaving the opera*
* i liked the concept of the club*
I WAS RIGHT TO WEAR this purple top cause it suits the whole event colour of the club*kahaha*

the bad thing was.. when going home...
sis was driving and somehow we suddenly reach PUCHONG !!!
was a little sesat for half an hour?
and wasted money on one extra toll. * its never a good feeling to be lost*

sister: Macam maner balik ke KL?
toll person : terus terus saje , boleh balik KL
me : *all also terus terus what if i end up in SEREMBAN*

somehow went to the kajang-silk highway
and find out way home. phew.
thank god im not the one driving
*a new driver like me might be panicked to hell*
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