Friday, January 1, 2010


Friday, January 1, 2010
Happy New Year 2010 to everyone around the globe !
we had bid goodbye to year 2009.
the year where i had great joys and sweet memories.
all the memories with family members
all the fun we had in school with friends
all the fun i had enjoying the year filled with K-pop
ll the challenge i had studying and taking SPM
the year where we had out high school graduation, prom, and others events
i will miss each and every memory i had
will try not to forget

i hope that year 2010 will be a better year for all
no more economy crisis
the rich and the poor will enjoy their life even going though hard/tired days.
what i know for sure is i will start the year with National Service
hope i will haven fun and get great ecperience there
the starting of the year also marks the arrival of Chinese New Year and many more to come
another year and for 09 high school graduates, 2010 is the year where we will choose our path for our future.
the year SPM results will be out. all the best ya !!!

*me being physco 15 minutes before 2010 starts*

* at home, feeling the gegaran at home from the sound wave created by the amplifier opposite my house at the playground*(even neighbour's alarm and car alarm got trigger a few times)
it right above my head. everyone was happy counting down ! 3,2,1 !!!
thanks to one of the camera's function which is fireworks. i get to capture nice picture of the fireworks
took some video too but too lazy to upload.

all the best to everyone for year 2010 !
may all ur resolutions and wishes came true for year 2009
and new wish list should now be created and try your best to achieve it !!!


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