Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Back !

Friday, February 12, 2010
hello KUALA LUMPUR !!!
had been in Kem Warisan, Masjid Tanah, Melaka for almost 6 weeks.
now im back to KL for my semester and CNY holiday !
i and ammelia came back earlier which is yesterday cause other pelatih's in malaysia only going home today !
reach home yesterday exhausted !!!
cause we just finish playing kembara halangan which includes the monkey bars, tarzan jump, crawling, balancing and ...
i manage to finish all the halangan's WITHOUT GETTING WET !!!! hahaha my boots are not like others where there are water in it ! MUAHhahaha im sooo proud of myself.

*jooee's first day in Kem Warisan at the Dewan Makan with PT attire*

*at the stairs up to my dorm*

*the temple that i went every saturday*

*jooee being a bit sot in the temple !!!*

*me at the main gate of Kem Warisan Duty-ing on parents visiting day in FULL CELORENG*

* Kem Warisan's Komander's House. *

*a house that is opposite the temple. very very very big*

*the sky and clouds very nice*

*this is what we do when we're too bored*

*ammelia went nuts. thats wad happen everyday*

*this is how my dorm looks like. ignore the bear the girl just left it there*
*if we leave our dorm like that when we go out. we will kena TSUNAMI*

*this is the traffic light that i anticipate every time we go temple*

so i came back yesterday cause i left camp at around 5 something after kembara halangan
it was really fun !!! played flying fox too but its not really high but its fun too.
and in camp we are separated to 4 different company. which is alpha, bravo, charlie and delta
me and ammelia are in CHARLIE !!!
but WE CHARLIE-ians lost our flag and cause 10,000 points to be deducted.
the first company to lose their flag is the delta-ians.
and alpha-ians got demerit cause the Wira's been keeping their phones.
the wirawati's been good people that wont cause trouble
even the flags are left my the wira in my Caracter Building(CB) class.
now my camp is doing kelas komuniti.
i went to balai bomba masjid tanah and its really fun
get to go in the dark to climb here and there with the guys observe us through the CCTV and start pressing the button to spray smoke at us.
some went to OKU school and some went to the jail.
i'll stop for now. can't refresh everything too fast.



Priscilla Tee

Hello. I am going into this campsite next Saturday and I am very worried. Is the toilet okay? Is it dirty? Haha. I know I am asking silly questions but I just can't help being curious! :(

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