Thursday, February 18, 2010

sayonara again !!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

im going back to camp today
had a very very very very tiring day yesterday !
and we had loads of fun going to different houses

im too lazy to blog about it
just look at the pictures in fb or some in keiyan's blog
let me just brief a little a bout it
first house >> angel's house
i reach there right after i had brunch in KL
then to MY HOUSE
where my aunts are already busy gambling
so when everyone reach my house they eventually started gambling
next house jordan's house
FULL of dogs.
dogs fur everywhere and the house is really big cause 2 house joint

then we head to keiyan's house
it was already raining when we reach there !! hahaha
makan-ed and see keiyan's young PICTURES !!!
she got a particular pose like a flower and the evil grin she had !!!

makan-ed yeesang thx to keiyan's mom.
yummy !!! kamshamida aunty
play play talk talk then go back home.
angel's dad fetch me to leisure mall and my dad pick me up from there
thank you uncle !

from leisure mall head to PJ to cousin's house
and makan-ed steamboat.
drink drink
put out the "hung-ming tang" it fly soooo high !!! big smiles..

and now im here sitting infront of the computer and preparing to go back to camp
it won't be long till i come back
3 more weeks living in camp
the time also pass faster in camp
and its time to exercise again after eating too much during this CNY !
see yaa all soon !!! :D


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