Saturday, March 27, 2010

26.03.10 Outing with 3 insane human

Saturday, March 27, 2010 0
date : 26th March 2010
time : 1pm- 5.30 pm
location: meet up at ts and walked to redbox lowyat
who came?
Jooee, insane human#1 (keiyan), insane human #2(sukkhuan), insane human#3 (angel)

a wonderful day indeed !*tiring too*
for the first time in Lim Joo Ee's HISTORY !!!
ANGELWONGERNQI is EARLY !!! ahahahhaha
i reach a little later and both of us went to Mcd to wait to latecomer ngkeiyan that insisted we reach there on time or we'll be DEADXD who is the one late???

sukkhuan went to the dentist so she tak boleh makan MCD ! hahahahha
then reach red box, went into room 41
and somehow the remote control like no battery
then its fixed and started singing like there's no tommorow
song include eng,chinese,korean.japanese, AND kids SONG !! THX TO SUKKHUAN
sing sing sing\
play play play

then look look at time and found out we are gonna be late cause kyan suppose to go to her aunt's house by 5pm.
Ran to sg. wang and took sticker pictures
macam orang gila then decorate that time is the WORST !!!!
all in japanese. hahahahha and me and kyan nicely ter PRESS some button and we kindda screwed it !! so ends up sukkhuan decorating everything.
at the very last minute also want to put love here and there !!!!

after that kyan is basically rushing and i need to go LRT station so we kindda ran from sg wang all the way to LRT !! FUUYOHHH
while angel teman sukkhuan to the monorail.
its sooo tired running like that !!!
then i sat LRT all the way to cempaka
dad fetch me home from cempaka
and reach home nicely time for dinner cause dad's car is just right behind grandpa's car !!!
hhahaha its a fun day !!
*pictures will upload later**sorry*

Monday, March 15, 2010

the doom day - 11th of March 2010

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it marks the day where all SPM 2009 candidate get our results back.
on the 10th im back from camp
and on the 11th is when i get back my result
congrats to all my friends that achieve good results.

sorry to my parents because i did not get excellent resuts in SPM
thanks to them also because they never say that its a MUST to get this or that in my results
they never pressure me in my education/ exams. thats one thing im glad.

they even say my results is satisfying and its better than no A's at all
went to school at the time when its almost 11 am
see people taking their results
and mom i suppose to go fetch sis from college and come back and fetch me
instead i took my results and called her to U-turn back to fetch me home.

i took my results and teacher is congratulating me for getting good results for physics.
when i called my mom, i did not tell her the results yet.
just told her that i got real BAD result
i chat a little while with friends and SORRY ya !!! i did not went out and celebrate with you all.
i didn't even know you all plan to go out together so i just went home.
we meet out again next time ya?

back to topic, when i went into the car
mom thought that i only scored no A's or 1 A only.
that she was basically saying its OK and etc...
then i told her she was saying its good enough.

then depress from that day onwards...
self-esteem went down the drain even though i attend CHARACTER BUILDING class during National Service

went to midvalley for edu fair on saturday
*sorry kyan can't go to your house because i only reach home at almost 8 something and went out to dinner with family*
ask here and there
then yesterday went for KLCC edu fair..
and lets see what i'll take.
still haven't 100% decide but kinda 75% decided.
need to study harder and not fail like in SPM

one particular advice that i think is really usefull to me when i met this foreign lecturer i guess from Nottingham University.
he was saying that many A's doesn't prove that you are smart. and he said that he met some many other students that can't even speak english properly but scored perfectly in their SPM"

i guess i just take that advice to tell myself that my results are satisfying.

All the best to everyone !


*here is jooee's reporting back from camp*

sweet memories from 2nd January 2012- 10th March 2010

for those who are going to National Service soon
this is what basic activities that you'll probably be doing during your stay at the camp
first few days nothing much. just telling this and that
then everything starts
wakes up at 5 am for the muslims and 5.30 am for the non-muslims
6.30 am you must be at the padang kawad (marching field)
which means by 6.15 you are already prepared to go to the location.
sing negaraku and khidmat negara song, the rukun negara and doa
then start PT(physical training) which is the morning exercise.
do stretchings, and warm ups.
then do some runnings/ games according to own company teacher
sometimes we even go marching during the marching week/season
and on fridays no PT but we do aerobics.

7.30 am
eat breakfast and straight back to dorm

8.30 am
roll-call at padang kawad and head to class
*the class depends on what class
first 2 weeks, CB class (CHARATER BUILDING)

after you finish your CB class you'll have Integrasi class,Kenegaraan class
and something about puisi by dewan bahasa and pustaka.

10.30 am
tea time !!! eat eat eat

11.00 am
back to class

12.30 pm
LUNCH time and back to dorm

2.30 pm
its time for ACTIVITIES !!!
sometimes we hear talks like a introduction about jungle,navigasi on compass, kayak and etc.
and we do sukan kreatif at this time too
things involve with sports mostly organized at this time

4.30 pm
end of activity and tea time again and head to dorm

5.30 pm
RIADAH time !!! the time where you should run a few rounds (not compulsary but its advised)
why? so that if you enter Road Relay you won't faint/ pancit half way.
i didn't pancit but kindda almost ran out of energy. at least i didn't regret joining it.

6.30 pm
Dinner and back to dorm
you'll probably take a shower at this time

if its thursday and friday
7.45 pm
all the Buddhist,Hindu and Christians gonna attend class.

10.00-10.30 pm
Minum Malam

11.00 pm
lights out and sleep !!!

on saturday is they day we take our hand phones (for some reason people there all call it hand SET)

*i have no idea who took this picture*

to all my dorm-mates !!!
I'll miss you all
always remember out dorm is the best. why?
our dorm can fit like maybe 30+ people
but only 19 people stays in the dorm
and our dorm got more plugs compared to others cause we even have a small room in the dorm
so during weekends people come to our dorm to CHARGE THEIR PHONES

* not everyone is here but still LOVE ya all BP4-ians*

every saturday the buddhist go to temple
and the best of all is they provide us FOOD sometimes
even if its vegetarian. at least we can have different taste of food every week.


* celebration at the temple a day before CHAP GOH MEI*



* im the MASTER HAhahahha*
we are the group that performed tai-chi.

it was fun. i liked the part where we do water confidence.
really fun cause can swim like a pro even if im not even good at swimming at all.

*Charlie team 1 and team 2 !!! ahhahaha we wanted to race but time limit. too bad*

* me & ammelia that keep going to weird places like to the trees or just main main hit something.
but we did master it after that*smiles*

* THE 'X' from ammelia & me*

jooee & ammelia : aiya, we gotta go back ady. everyone is out already
jooee : let go back
jurulatih : wirawati CEPAT sikit la !
jooee: CIKGU CIKGU !! takde parking nak park saya pergi main lagi
ammelia : ya la cikgu ! sudah full
jurulatih : ape takde parking ! mesti ade punya
*head to us and flip the kayak*
ammelia & jooee : AHHHHH!!! CIKGUUUUU !!!

* bye bye sun*


the one of the most important motive why i went for NATIONAL SERVICE

*where? the shooting ground in MELAKA*
extra info : when i shoot i was at place number 7 !! hahaha
and my marks for shooting was 79 out of 100.
im proud of my results !!! if i get a little higher i maybe masuk top 20 and can get a cert !!

*muahhaaha jooee and M16*

*the askar putting in the bullets *

*me & ammelia playing around with M16 !*

* the toilet there are very nice too*
many of us went to the toilet because there's a fan in there
outside the sun is soo HOT !
beside the ladies toilet is the guys
they keep on singing and singing
and HUD THE 3 BALAK keep on calling me to keep quite while he is soo NOISY !

then we had our wirajaya.
a not so wonderful experience
but at least i experience living in the jungle with limited water,
a weird toilet, and what happens when your camp masuk AIR
we are considered unlucky because on the way to the jungle.
the rain starts dropping
then when we reach there we build our camp and start making dinner and etc.
and when its my team's turn to kindda mengawal our company's site
around 1.30am the rain start falling
and it starts to POUR around 2 am.
basically everyone's camp masuk air
my camp masuk air at the side
so we still manage to take a nap by putting all our bags in the middle
and then sleep on our bags
some of them their whole camp is wet to the extend where they can bathe in there.

* The Charlie's are fully prepared in camp to go for wirajaya*

*me & maggie eating MAGGIE MEE around 12.30am i guess*

* ahahah 1MALAYSIA we together burn? nono we need to burn to prevent mosquito bites directed by teacher* im not destroying the earth ok?!


*with 4 balak aka penghulu aka the joker in my CB group/class aka the guy that talks crap aka the guy that likes to do colgate/ darlie ambassador*

one thing im proud about our company charlie is that 4 balak (Wan) is from Charlie then 3 balak for Wira(Hud) is from company Charlie !!! which means Charlie have 1,2,3 and 4 balak !!! mauhahaha

* with Cikgu abu bakar aka cikgu BURN which is the OC for CHARLIE*

*with KAK NURUL the nurse in the medic. all the best to her*

*from left: ammelia, carrie,jooee*

* the first and the best jump shot !!* WE COMPLETED OUR NS !!!
we got our certs, pictures and everything !!!
during the ceromony, one out Pak Balak (penghulu/4balak) says
KELUAR BARIS everyone went gila and jump around !! in just 1 second everyone which is standing still perfectly in lines turn into animals in ZOO !! hahahaha

it was a great night especialy for CHALIE
our performance with Nobody by Wonder Girls
*the video is posted by a few people on youtube*

*the T-shirt gang of charlie during the night*

* eat eat eat and eat is all we know that night*

after that is going home day on the 10/3/2010
it had been fun with all the activities
but like the words written in my locker by ex-pelatih
"setiap pertemuan, ada perpisahanya"

* here is jooee and maya(ammelia's buddy)*
To: Maya
MAYA ingat selalu saya ade no. hp daniel !!!!
saya boleh buat report kepada dia bahawa kamu buli saya !!

*jooee and my buddy ALIYA !!! our favourite quote to maya and ammelia

* the last picture of me in padang kawad awaiting to go home*

* byebye Kem Warisan ! i'll miss the beautiful skies there and the many many stars that appear during the night*

*my name on the bed decoration*

*byebye bed byebye locker*
* all the best to the future user of this bed and locker*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wednesday, March 10, 2010 0
a sweet memories
the one and only in out lifes
all the best to all the pelatih's in Kem PLKN Warisan Masjid Tanah Melaka
hopefully all of us will keep in touch.

back back back
no more going to toilet that is quite troublesome
no more Physical Training (PT) in the morning
no more Character Building (CB) class, Integrasi class, Kenegaraan (KN) class and Komuniti
no more being sweaty most of the time
no more kawad-ing
no more roll-calling
no more waiting to get back our handphones
there's also
no more waking up early in the morning
no more M-16
no more creativity activities that i loved
no more playing like there's no tommorow
no more jooee/aliya Vs ammelia/maya buddy buddy competition
no more funny performance to watch
no more flying fox
no more kembara halangan
no more wirajaya
no more sukan kreativiti

***to be continued

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