Monday, March 15, 2010

the doom day - 11th of March 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010
it marks the day where all SPM 2009 candidate get our results back.
on the 10th im back from camp
and on the 11th is when i get back my result
congrats to all my friends that achieve good results.

sorry to my parents because i did not get excellent resuts in SPM
thanks to them also because they never say that its a MUST to get this or that in my results
they never pressure me in my education/ exams. thats one thing im glad.

they even say my results is satisfying and its better than no A's at all
went to school at the time when its almost 11 am
see people taking their results
and mom i suppose to go fetch sis from college and come back and fetch me
instead i took my results and called her to U-turn back to fetch me home.

i took my results and teacher is congratulating me for getting good results for physics.
when i called my mom, i did not tell her the results yet.
just told her that i got real BAD result
i chat a little while with friends and SORRY ya !!! i did not went out and celebrate with you all.
i didn't even know you all plan to go out together so i just went home.
we meet out again next time ya?

back to topic, when i went into the car
mom thought that i only scored no A's or 1 A only.
that she was basically saying its OK and etc...
then i told her she was saying its good enough.

then depress from that day onwards...
self-esteem went down the drain even though i attend CHARACTER BUILDING class during National Service

went to midvalley for edu fair on saturday
*sorry kyan can't go to your house because i only reach home at almost 8 something and went out to dinner with family*
ask here and there
then yesterday went for KLCC edu fair..
and lets see what i'll take.
still haven't 100% decide but kinda 75% decided.
need to study harder and not fail like in SPM

one particular advice that i think is really usefull to me when i met this foreign lecturer i guess from Nottingham University.
he was saying that many A's doesn't prove that you are smart. and he said that he met some many other students that can't even speak english properly but scored perfectly in their SPM"

i guess i just take that advice to tell myself that my results are satisfying.

All the best to everyone !


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