Saturday, March 27, 2010

26.03.10 Outing with 3 insane human

Saturday, March 27, 2010
date : 26th March 2010
time : 1pm- 5.30 pm
location: meet up at ts and walked to redbox lowyat
who came?
Jooee, insane human#1 (keiyan), insane human #2(sukkhuan), insane human#3 (angel)

a wonderful day indeed !*tiring too*
for the first time in Lim Joo Ee's HISTORY !!!
ANGELWONGERNQI is EARLY !!! ahahahhaha
i reach a little later and both of us went to Mcd to wait to latecomer ngkeiyan that insisted we reach there on time or we'll be DEADXD who is the one late???

sukkhuan went to the dentist so she tak boleh makan MCD ! hahahahha
then reach red box, went into room 41
and somehow the remote control like no battery
then its fixed and started singing like there's no tommorow
song include eng,chinese,korean.japanese, AND kids SONG !! THX TO SUKKHUAN
sing sing sing\
play play play

then look look at time and found out we are gonna be late cause kyan suppose to go to her aunt's house by 5pm.
Ran to sg. wang and took sticker pictures
macam orang gila then decorate that time is the WORST !!!!
all in japanese. hahahahha and me and kyan nicely ter PRESS some button and we kindda screwed it !! so ends up sukkhuan decorating everything.
at the very last minute also want to put love here and there !!!!

after that kyan is basically rushing and i need to go LRT station so we kindda ran from sg wang all the way to LRT !! FUUYOHHH
while angel teman sukkhuan to the monorail.
its sooo tired running like that !!!
then i sat LRT all the way to cempaka
dad fetch me home from cempaka
and reach home nicely time for dinner cause dad's car is just right behind grandpa's car !!!
hhahaha its a fun day !!
*pictures will upload later**sorry*


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