Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a 5 hour kursus KPP

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
not as bored as how other people describe it.
and yes. now only i started with the process of getting a licience
uncle steven (driving instructor) got totally shocked when he wasn't able to call me.
* i was transferring file at that time*
on the phone back and 3 missed calls. haha
he even called his daughter to call my sis. aahahah

so around 10.15am he came and fetch me and i saw a schoolmate.
then fetch another girl and then fetch suezan*not sure abt the spelling* which is a SBU senior.
coincidence huh?

then went all the way up the bukit and the driving institute is around the look out point area i guess...
reach there. register. go in class around 11.40am
they say class usually starts at 12pm
but ohhNO !!!
the guy only came at 12.30pm
and when he came in he on his laptop and showing us bunch of funny videos.
when its almost 1pm he came in back and said we will end around 5.50pm because the class starts at 12.20pm and its 5hours of kursus and half and hour of break

listen to all his craps and talking bad about the RINGKAS DAN TEPAT! EDISI DIPERBAHURUI KKP book.
yada yada then at around 2.30pm we went for break and he says class starts later at 3.45pm.
woots. a looongggg break.
makan-ed mee goreng.

back to class early cause got AIR-COND !!! hahahahhaa
then stayed there.
around 4pm another guy came in
started the class with lady gaga's Bad Romance
he is even funnier than the guy before.
he started saying that he curang his wife la.
how he sit motor when he was young by breakking extra hard so that the girlfriend will lean on him and yada yada.

not long later after all his craps and is repitative of showing us videos and imitating how the americans speak.
5.30pm he was already waiting for sms to release us for thumbprint
then GO HOME !! yay

and now i gotta study that freakking RINGKAS&TEPAT! EDISI DIPERBAHURUI BOOK!
after exam got another of 6 hours. aghhaghahgahghagha
good luck to me ya !


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