Tuesday, April 20, 2010

im a college student !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
considering it suppose to be 'uni' student instead because UCSI is a university.haha
yesterday 19th April,2010 is the orientation for A-levels in UCSI boardroom.
and i was LATE !!! cause of the jam and yada yada yada
went in and the lecturer is already talking about our timetable and AT THE SAME TIME ABOUT PUNCTUALITY. err.. not only me thats late. a lot more that came in later after that.

they talked about classes,lab,exam and played some games which i call it 'doctor gila' but we play it not by turning here and there at first.
instead we stand in a round and grab someone's hand opposite yourself.
we were basically doing ballerina to untie all the knot between our hands.
went to the library to head to the computer lab to do our course selection.
then after that BREAK !!!

back in the board room and they talked about creative thinking and etc.
and i will only be able to enter lab like next month. owhh

and today 20th April 2010
first class MATHS !!!
me and sis even leave the house early to be there to get PARKING
but but but the jam at cheras was OMG !!!dont even know why soo jam.
but manage to reach at 8 am with parking spaces cause probably many ppl are late too.
went into the class and start maths class
owhh.. the lecturer. he seems to have somekind of momentum when he talks.
i mean like there's no highhhhh and lowwww
do some questions

and next PHYSICS
a subject which im still not sure whether i will drop or not.
i need to decide fast !!!
the class was kindda empty with only 22 ppl like a bunch left after maths
the lecturer was basically giving a long long introduction
and more introduction... talk about what we'll be learning...

next is BIOLOGY
intro a little break for 5 minutes cause the lecturer know that ppl who took physics are real tired ! non stop from 8 am
gave us some papers
intro on some revision books.
last 30 minutes we learn our very first lesson on WATER
its like what we learn in form 5 but in more detailed in terms of explanation, the way we apply it and stuff.
i can say i feel sooo lost !!! the thing is in my brain but i don't remember it
like specific heat of capacity and vaporisation. solution, colloid,suspension.
we are even given homework..which i just finish it and basically just writting crap that i found on the internet cause the textbook is USELESS !!!!

till then,
will be studying there for 1 1/2 years.
so far so good in ucsi
the class was FREEZING today.
and i got to get used in waking up early again from monday to friday.



IS VERY GOOD..............................

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