Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Rain's special album 'back to the basic' is OUT !!!
im gonna go WILD SOON !
it just released and in half-an hour people already got hold of the songs!!!
its gonna hit the charts soon.
even if his comebacks are put on hold due to many music programs are cancelled due to korea's navy incident that happened and causes netizen to feel deeply sad about this incident.

Tracklist of 'back to the basic'

1.Love Song
2.Hip Song
5.Love Song(English Version)

ahahhaha another song in english version just seriously boost all international fans.
and i found out that the title of all the songs in the album is really simple and this made the title of the album"back to the basic' applied in the album itself.

the MV that released last week already made me gone WILD because love song is a balled song and he's able to create a dance out of it
isn't it AMAZING !?!?!?!!

[MV] Love Song
credits to AznSamManTV

Credits to kaboomzaYO

Hip Song



Love Song (English Version)

all his songs ROCK MY WORLD ! bahahaha
the king of k-pop is back.
after soo long his new album is back !!!
did i mention that i even have rainism recollection album !!! all the way from korea.hahahaa
all the best to his for his comeback soon and his last concert stop in japan


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