Thursday, April 29, 2010

UCSI Orientation

Thursday, April 29, 2010
my blog is a little dead these days
so i'll update about today's orientation in ucsi on the 29/4/2010
hrm.. it was kindda awesome during the ice breaking part.
why? cause alevels april10 humans are all INSANE ! *in a good way ok*
and YES !the alevels april intake have their OFFICIAL orientation when we already attend class for about 2 weeks? hhahaha
we didn't know about it till ms mabel (bio lecturer) told us about it.
saying that we are still ILLEGAL in UCSI as there are some papers we not yet sign and stuff
so basically we have like 1 unofficial orientation which is the one a day before class starts
and today the OFFICIAL ONE and tommorow too.

*the file we got before going to fourth floor to the multi purpose hall (MPH)*

*a LOT of paper in it*

*the big SHOTS in*

firstly, i reach there around 9 something MORNING
cause when we started a levels class, most of the student in degree courses are having their 1 week break (for example my sis and bro)
so its kindda empty and no worries of no parking even if u are late.
totally empty including the library
but looking at the amount of humans today. i don't think the EMPTY-ness will happen anymore *cries*

and surprisingly, the alevels placing in the MPH is like at the FRONT just behind where the VIP's sit. oh gosh. means cannot make
the opening of the orientation is filled with a girl playing the chinese musical instrument and a girl with sword arts.
then with dennis , malaysia's violinist. and his buddy malaysia's best saxophonist.
then performance by the UCSI school of music.
the performance was ok i guess considering UCSI have loads of music students there
where u go to block C 1st floor will be hearing loads of piano's, vocals and etc.

one of the highlight of the day was a friend that sits beside me she was randomly saying hi to the vice chancellor Dr.Robert Bong before the event started. and she said long time no see to him.
i asked her who was that and she answered me that she didn't know.
and at that time we know....who is he now. hahahahha

then she said hi to 'this guy' chatting with him and asking some questions and stuff.
and all of us are guessing what the heck is he doing here wearing like that.
maybe he's a singer or an actor.
and one person suddenly said 'maybe he's NOT FAMOUS a little loud' which made everyone REGRET WHAT WE HAD JUST JUDGE A PERSON.
not long later we found out he is DENNIS LAU the violinist.* DROP JAWS*
'im so sorry mr.dennis lau, didn't go to the bookshop often so i didn't see your album there'
then we had our break and all those talks and yada yada then LUNCH.
i tot i can leave after lunch cause according to ms mabel we can leave after that.
but ends up i didn't leave yet and stayed for ice-breaking.
they asked us to form a group of 25 i guess. and we just form ourselves a whole gang of a levels !! hahahaha
it was soo funny
then each of us introduce ourselves by saying our name
it was soo noisy that we expect a guy to repeat his name for like 10 times? hahha
our group was basically the hyper one. the only group that claps after 1 person says their name
total FUN !

then play the hunter game and find facilitator abt their name and stuff.
each group should only have 2 hunters but out group are just too active that we have like 10? hahaha
and 1 of the girl that i got info was really funny as ppl keep asking got boyfriend? what is he doing? and it just gets on to more personal stuff ! LOL.
then the game ended and they start some talk and more talks
and basically a whole bunch of alevels decided to leave.
and the students council was trying to stop us by saying we have our course selection and stuff
our answers is
- we already did our course selection *blur face on the students council faces*
- errr, we are april intake human we ALREADY attend classes * some sitll blur and one guy like OWHH*
- we were informed that we can leave after lunch actually *then they just remind us to come for tommorow's orientation*haha

and today's orientation went like that.
mixture of everyone from bored, nothing to do, fun, bored, crazy.


Wayne Cheah

yo, hope you'll read this. I'm bound to enter A-levels in UCSI this month, around the same date as yours but 2 years later. :D Googled for UCSI orientation day and it brought me here.. I've been worried whether I'd be finding anyone English speaking around during my time in UCSI or not... 'cuz I'm a banana. :\ Wish me luck! :D

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