Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rueben in the HOUSE

Sunday, May 16, 2010 0

i introduce you, RUEBEN LIM

my house recently got a new member
his name is Rueben *named by my brother*
many names came out before this such as jack,ah ben, and etc.etc.
his breed are brindle chihuahua. NOT A chihuahua to be exact just one of the type.
we did not bought it. it was given my dad's friend.
this dog was suppose to be for grandpa actually.but it ends up staying at my house.
he's only 1 month old. so still young
bad bad points about his is
HE LIKES TO BULLY ME !!! pick a fight with me
a small dog with big wits huh?

he's growing really FAST.
considering the first day at my house.
he's just a dog that likes to be tamed
but NOW. HE BITES from your fingers, hair ,toes and etc.
likes to run around even he can't even run fast and need to jumps.
his teeth is really sharp and i got hurt by him a few times

nehh,he's just forced by me to stay there because he keep biting the pink pink thing * i dun know what is that called * u can see 2 pieces of it got eaten by him.

*me and rueben, ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THAT NEAR TO HIM. its only when he's sleeping.*

*when he sleeps i get nice shots of him. when he's awake he might just bite the whole camera*

really hate it when he does this expression cause he's just ACTING to be innocent !

and rueban's ears are going to stand UP UP UP soon.
when he first arrived his ears are just droopy.
but now its getting higher and higher. and soon UP straight.
he's is one very naughty dog ! that loves to bite dad's hair.


fuuyooohh. wait like gila already for their comeback
after rain's back to basic album (mblaq's aka boss aka producer)
now double dose of total madness MBLAQ is OUT OUT OUT
they are still rookie group that debuted last year october !
with super BIG BIG COMPETITORS for their comeback such as WONDER GIRLS ,SS501, SUPER JUNIOR and etc etc which made their strong base on kpop already.
but i think MBLAQ will do just greatly fine with great songs ! wheee

credits to kaboomzaYO at YT

MBLAQ - 4 Ya` Stereo - Intro (Feat. Taewan a.k.a C-Luv)

MBLAQ - Last Luv

MBLAQ - What U Want

MBLAQ - One Better Day


so to all A+ out there SUPPORT THEM YA !!!
Their title song will be 'Y' with them performing a dance called the angle dance *ANTICIPATE*
rain really trained mblaq well huh?!?! hahahah
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