Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beast Showcase in Malaysia !

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

*picture credit to smashpop.net*

Date :26 th June 2010
Venue : KL Live (beside equilatoral hotel)
firstly, i have not mentioned that i WON THE TICKET TO the showcase. (thank you 8tvnitelive)
how did i win it? by PARODYING BEAST !!!! *with my sister*
was finding ways how to go to the showcase without forking out precious amount of money
so i called my sis to lets join the contest organised by 8tvnitelive
its wither u take a beastly photo/ do a parody
and we did BOTH !
in case u have not watch it here u go >>>

when we were shooting this short parody.
it was all weird... and ends up during editing. we took mostly all the first take shots instead of the more perfect but not natural shots ! hahaa

was freakking nervous to post that thing up *TO ME ITS EMBARRASSING*
anyway, i posted it up and first reaction from people is AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
u know how great is facebook when u have cousin's on ur facebook.
one of my mom's side cousin says im gonna show it to my parent(my aunts/uncles) and to the whole family.*i fainted already*

anyway i first got a call from hotlink saying i won consolation prize and can get 1 ticket to showcase. *was happy but only 1 ticket!*
then at 12 midnight on thursday. 8tv CALLED !!!
and say me and sis won the grand price !! *CD+POSTERS+4 tickets to the showcase*
but we need to go to the main office for 8tv/tv3/9tv which is next to one utama
waited for sis for almost 4 hours in ucsi library on thursday before heading to 1 Utama
went to the company aka sri pentas *security there is sooo strict*
found the interactive office and got my gifts !*yay

so i got 2 albums 4 posters and 4 tickets
so went to 1 utama
collect another ticket from hotlink and used the album we won to get another 2 ticket
total 7 tickets !

*a picture taken when i just came down after getting their autographs*
so ends up me,sis,eunice(cousin), jiyen(cousin's friend), caiyi(cousin's frend) and huishin(cousin) and TK(sis's friend)
reach at KL live at about 3-4 pm
and there's a lot beast fan outside already !
and since then we waited and waited and waited
with a lot of press taking photo's and videos of all the fans waiting
soon... the tension is getting BAD
cause security is very rude, and soon more people fainting, and those with beast T-shirt are getting angrier
and people shouting at the security
and people asking for explanation from universal why do we need to stand soo long
and at some part of those time people actually shouted refund !!!

anyway beast was GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
once they appear on stage !! FROM THE START TILL THE END I WENT WILD !!!
did i meantion that when the MC threw the posters. surprisingly i GRABBED ONE !!! hAHhahaha so i got another poster but gave to cousin's friends and my cousins.

i shared some fancam of the showcase
credit to thehotmagazine

isn't it great? everyone is singing along too !
then to fansigning
since i got my CD went though a lot of hardship in order to get into the line !
and i bullied maknae(dongwoon ) kahhaahha i said BEAST DAEBAK then MBLAQ JJGANGG
his reaction was...first SHOCKED then sad but then i replied okok beast still the best and he smiles...*i flied to heaven already*
then one by one i keep thinking of random korean words and just blurt it out of my mouth !
GIKWANG just keep smiling an
yo seob was even better . he just looked and start smiling and said thank you *cause he's the last person*

then after that everyone reunite after everyone got separated cause everyone just keep pushing and squeezing !
since beast is still signing then i called all of us to go upstairs to have a better view of beast
i shouted names of the members and they RESPOND !
some fans which were there initially was quiet but soon got hyper after beast look to our side and keep flashing the camera to get good pictures !! kahhaha *IM GENIUS*
there;s one where i called YO SEOB and he looked up and waved !!! but stupiak sister din caught it on camera but cousin's friend did (either jiyen or caiyi got it)!

*my sis's beast album with autographs
mine is almost the same laa so due to my lazyiness so just look at my sis's one ok?*
the first 4 members save space to let the other members sign
ends up doojoon and yo seop signatures are bigger ! cause there's a big empty space left by other members.



album...i want the album ^_^
but i does not buy


kawaii ~~

u won tcket&album beast . soo lucky ~~
i miss them soo much ^^

visit my blog ^^


kawai ~~

u won tcket&album beast..
i miss them so much .

visit my blog

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