Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thursday, June 3, 2010
i never post anything much about 엠블랙 MBLAQ in my blog
but today is a special day where MBLAQ won their very first no.1 in M! Countdown !!
congrats to them !!
they made their producer RAIN aka papa rain PROUD ! ahahaaa
im glad that the song rain produced get no.1 also !! this proves that rain can produces great songs for other people too !! hahaha
the song 'Y' was meant to be for rain's next album but rain gave it to MBLAQ instead.
anyway rain's new song love song and hip song is already hitting wayyy to the top !!
*from upper left clockwise Joon,G.O,Thunder,Mir, Seungho

today's m!countdown performance
credits to absolutemblaqlive

MBLAQ - Winning + Encore

applaud to them for the new 2nd single album !!!
their debut album with title song 'oh yeah' also produced by rain already made a big hit
and now with 'Y' wish for their success !!! wheee


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