Wednesday, June 2, 2010

to Johor

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Date : 22nd May 2010
Destination : Kuala Lumpur > Johor Bahru

me & family wenmt there to visit my 1 month old niece
*almost same age as rueban lim *the dog*
trip all the way to johor is looonggg.
reached uncle's house and the baby has a double chin *forget to bring camera + forget to take picture of the baby*
first time ever visiting my uncle's house.
usually he come over to my house instead of my family going to his house !
cause johor is seriously farr\
and there are wayyy tooo many empty lands there *why the goverment didn't upgrade there?*
the housing area is EVERYWHERE and the price of the houses skyrocket but won't make any profits.

so went and makan-ed.
the curry fish was ok.
then uncle bought us to danga bay.

Welcome to danga bay, i called it the place where u can say 'hi' to singapore

its somehow a tourist attraction place, its nice
BUT the toilet is OMG !!! *you got to pay 20cents to go in summore*
HELLO GOVERMENT !! tourist attraction should have at least a clean toilet !!!
then we took a rest and have a drink while me and sis head to the beach.

sis & me



*sista with the ship*lol
the next day, head home day !!
along the way home we makan-ed food like wantan mee, kuih, etc.
not bad la. but mom insisted the wantan mee is not that nice compared to the one in KL even if its totally famous there !! HAHaaa

nice nice weather ! whee

thats all. i don't remember a lot about this trip
too long didn't blog already so .hehe pictures do the job !


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