Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wesak Day

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Date : 18.04.10
Time : 9 am - 4.00pm
Location : Brickfields

its wesak day, so i've decided to do some good deeds ! *ahhahahah*
so i volunteered to help out in the temple with some gila human-nos
sukkhuan,kyan,angel & zuikhai

it actually starts at 10.30am but dad insisted to go early
saying jam and stuff and lalalala
so i reach there practically at around 8-9am
its was ok at 8 + am
then my parents gotta leave so left me alone waiting for the gila human-nos to reach
and apparently the prime minister and his wife with some minister minister of malaysia will be there.
so everything starts turning chaotic with people swarming to have a handshake with the prime minister than is making his grand entrance into the temple.
what did i do?
i practically stand aside and look !
looking at how many policeman are there surrounding and count and see see

then keiyan called but i can't listen to a thing !!!
then went to the oil lamp place and all the sudden started taking the oil and fill
dad even bought one of those but i couldn't find back his name that i wrote.
cause there are thousand of those there !!

*angel, me , sukkhuan

*the oil lamp*

*more oil lamp*

*and more more oil lamp*

*and MOREEE oil lamps*

hahaha, it was a fun day .
quite tiring and oily !! hahahah


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