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8tvnitelive on Brian Joo's Fan Meet

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credits to 8nitelive @ yt

*heheh spot me at 2.30 !! hHAhha and listen to my crazy screming and singalong throughout both videos !! hAHhaha*

Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live In Malaysia 2010 (Part 1)

Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live In Malaysia 2010 (Part 2)

Monday, July 12, 2010

[fancam] Brian Joo Fan meet

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the videos are all taken by my sister !
try to keep the volume low to avoid ur ears crack due to shoutings at the event !! LOL

and a tip for all of u BRIAN JOO FANS
brian and hwanhee probably are going to be back as fly to the sky as they are hoping that they can have a song together by end of this year

and Brian is preparing his album and hopes it will be done by august ! WOOHOO !

Brian Joo interacting with lucky fans

Brian Joo - Tears Run Dry

Brian Joo's fanmeet

Date : 10th July,2010
Venue : The Opera, Sunway Pyramid
Time : 3-5pm
Event : Brian Joo's fanmeet
*pictures below credited to respective owners as stated on the picture*

*banner outside the hall, can see glimpse of me and my sis* ( i was holding the camera)

KPOP IS GREAT ! been a kpop fan since 2005/2006.
all the way started with rain's concert in KL back in year 2007 !
and here's another kpop event which is BRIAN JOO's fanmeet !
all hail 8tvnitelive that i get to enjoy to my fullest in the fanmeet !
how i get the tickets? look at the post before this.

*Brian and 8tv winners*
Brian's right is ME and left is sister
*the official picture is not released yet so i will post later when they posted it*
this picture is taken after the fanmeet at the after party.

*Brian me again !!! but this was taken at the stage*

so firstly, me and sis left the house at 1 pm reach there around 1.20pm
and there's basically no queue there or anything
people are just rambling here and there to get tickets and buy the autographed album at RM45.
the venue, The Opera i think it looks very good with their concept !
so I went and collect my ticket from 8tv and here's what i got.

organiser rhythm land

Brian's merchandise which i love the towel a lot ! haha
Brian even threw one towel to the crowd and Baki (emcee of the day also host of 8tvnitelive) making jokes with towel with his sweat which caused quite a stir in the venue.

*the tickets*

*the poster in the paper bag also*

*what so special about my poster is... its AUTOGRAPHED * kahahha

*all thx to 8tvnitelive that i can get all these great stuff*
*also thx for the free shirt!*

*the album from 8tv too ISN'T it great??*


btw, his hair is AWESOME !!!

back to the fanmeet, there's not pushing, standing under hot sun or whatsoever
we just gotta give way to the media or VVIP to go in first and at least im standing in a air-conditioned place.
my ticket was at the VIP rock zone.
so eventually when I get to enter i was right behind the VIP seatings one
so those VIP is seating and im right at the back standing = i can view every single thing PERFECTLY!
Baki entertained the crowd before brian came out.
oh there's even one girl from 8tvnitelive interviewed me to give comments for their show
what do i think??? ITS AWESOME OF COURSE !!!
then Brian appeared with his song In my Head (korean version)
then he sang don't go.
then he starting chatting with the fans. MY FAVOURITE PART !
those who don't know who is brian joo, he's a korean-american (thus, he knows english)
at this point me and sis was basically shouting out words which came to out head
like SARANGHAE BRIAN, you're HOT and yada yada and suddenly sis say TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT
then brian react. what??? trying to understand what did we shouted
then i join my sister TAKE OUT UR SHIRT !!! fans beside us was like louder louder.
eventually he got what we said and said "No no no"

* sis and me*

*sis and me standing under the air-cond waiting*

then there's session for 4 lucky fans
which brian did a sexy dance to the first one
2nd,hug from the back
3rd, hugs from him
4th, act aegeyo(cute) to the fan (this is the most funniest part ever)
many fans were shouting their lungs out to stop brian from doing those ! hahah
then Brian continued singing . and its basically all my favourite
My Girl, Tears Run Dry and Bullet ( all in Manifold album)

when its the ending, fans all shouted encore !
and he came out and sing In my Head again but in the english version

the its the end of the fanmeet
and its time for picture session for the VIP seats and rock zone.
at first the only said its for the seating which caused some confusion for those people in the rock zone
but security who is standing there is kind enough to help us ask the people in charge
and thus, we can take pictures with brian joo !

the peak moment was when Baki announced that 8tvnitelive winners can go to the after party upstairs *i totally went WILD* hahha

* picture of me & sis with mike (he's super tall)*

*with 8tvnitelive host,Jules on the right and mike (the king?)*

free drinks and food are served during the party.
we met a crew from 8tvnitelive *the one that interviewed me* and she asked for comment on 8tvnitelive. and sister gave tonnes of comments. hope it helps !
and people that missed the episode where brian joo is on 8tvnitelive.
go to 8tv website and see the catch up tv and you'll find the episode there.

the after party to me was a take picture party with brian? LOL
all the media just keeps clicking on their camera
Brian didn't get to linger around.

* camera from from another angle* similar to the top picture but at different angle. lol

*pictures at the stage at a different angle too* there's like TONNES of camera's flashing but we only asked to focused on the official camera.*

overall, a great day with brian. took like 3 pictures (the group one with the Rock zone, 8tv grandprize winner with brian and the one after party picture)
got plenty of handshake, hugs and talked all the time when taking the pictures.
one of the convo made was

sister: hey brian do u know that we're sisters *pointing at me*
me : nod, yup yup
brian : wow, then both of you together can be my fans. OH WAIT, u guys are already my fans then COOL !
sister : *smile like a freakko*

* took this picture before leaving the opera*
* i liked the concept of the club*
I WAS RIGHT TO WEAR this purple top cause it suits the whole event colour of the club*kahaha*

the bad thing was.. when going home...
sis was driving and somehow we suddenly reach PUCHONG !!!
was a little sesat for half an hour?
and wasted money on one extra toll. * its never a good feeling to be lost*

sister: Macam maner balik ke KL?
toll person : terus terus saje , boleh balik KL
me : *all also terus terus what if i end up in SEREMBAN*

somehow went to the kajang-silk highway
and find out way home. phew.
thank god im not the one driving
*a new driver like me might be panicked to hell*

Monday, July 5, 2010


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a picture i took to enter a contest to win tickets to a showcase !!
hahaha credits to wonderfuljoo for helping me to join all these pictures and take all these pictures for me ! hahha

Kyan's birthday outing

Date : 3rd July 2010
Time : koNONNYERR 12.00 pm but started at 12.45pm?
venue : WongKok at pavillian, GSC at times square

*the birthday girl* !!!

you're now legally 18 and don't play play ! haha

anyway, firstly i reached pavillian at about 12.20pm thinking that im late and better be quick
brother drop me off at, so i walked all the way to pav.
reached there asked the fron counter where's wongkok head up but don't seem to find wongkok but only TGI fridays.
so i called angel *no one pick up*
called sukkhuan *no one pick up*
called keiyan *no one pick up*
i almost went crazy that time.

then i received a call from sukkhuan
first sentence she said " JOOEE IM LOST !!!*
btw,she's at raja chulan monorail but dont know how to get to pav.
all the chaos , keiyan called and said she's STILL IN THE MONORAIL !
so i quickly told her to help sukkhuan that is lost in raja chulan !! KAhHAhaah
at that time i found out ! IM THE ONE THAT REACH EARLY !!!
thank you very much.
so i went to times to see there's anything to buy and met sonia & amanda which is also at pav to celebrate another friend of theirs with the same birthday as kyan.
at last humans are at wongkok. phewww.

*this is wad i ate*

*free drinks that we got since its kyan's bday*

*made by khoimeng its reallly pretty !!!*
do u think its eatable?

*the cake that got knocked here and there* kesian cake.

The S.O.T + orang yang balik awal

*the S.O.T* hmm not really its *T.S.O*lol

*everyone except moky and her friend cause they not yet reach at that time*
angel,me and suk is also not in picture
im basically the one and only with camera?

*this is a better group photo with everyone !*

there goes the crap at wongkok.
and ANGEL THAT needs to leave early cause her bro is reaching the airport at 2pm
then she gotta go to seremban right after that so she went home first.

*cheers to the mirror*

*highlight of the day*

*hello hello*

then we walked to times square to watch knight and day !!!
it was a FUNNY MOVIE !! i laughed like orang gila? im not so sure...
commenting each and every scenes openly such as "ei,he's doing 3 point turn*
then moky said " this movie make girls looks so stupid* there's a bunch more !!!

*6 of the movie tickets,these numbers are seated by jordan,sukkhuan,jooee,moky,khoimeng,moky/khoimeng's friend*

overall its exciting. cause the movie is really funny and there's more awesome movie for me to catch up !
then after that they went to eat ice-cream and i went home after that !
cause i need to reach home to go out for dinner with family.
an exciting yet a tired day also !
hope to see ya all SOON ! everyone is sooo BUSY !! there's no time left to meet up
especially GAAYA !!! she really busy !


THE 'P' in driving !

just figured out i got something to update for my blog
soree no pictures cause i didn't take any during the driving test
Date : 28th of June
Time : 8.00 am - 11.30am
Venue : Surfine hightech

firstly, I CAN NOW DRIVE ! not exactly can drive but still i will not be caught by police for driving without a license.
it was rather scary cause i was at number 38 initially but cause some people wasn't there so i end up to be number 33.
seeing like 30+ people before me doing the slope is freakking scary !
i mean some made it on the yellow line budden they didn't accelerate fully to prevent the car from moving BACKWARDS after they release the handbrake.

i was totally shocked to the extend i don't even wanna look at all
and kept talking to a random girl which lines up behind me
ends up i was able to made it to the slope and down then to the parking smoothly.
but the girl behind me failed that one.
i was lucky to get a new car since there's a guy there asking me i wan old or new car.
i said NEW !!! cause there's one old car which made basically all the people that rode on it FAILED EVEN THE GUYS !

next, ON THE ROAD test.
waited for around 20 minutes and its my turn.
the examiner was just quite annoying.
he just sit there and by the time i start to drive it
he keeps NAGGING !!! NON-STOP !
kiri sikit kanan sikit. tekan minyak. cepat sikit. and yada yada
btw, i drove the viva car instead of kancil so im not so used to how much should i press at a certain speed.
so i took the safe way by going slow and he keep saying CEPAT SIKIT !!!
i was basically cursing in my heart but says minta maaf encik to him *instructor taught me to do this*

anyway, im still not use to driving at all
like i said before
not a fan of driving ! seriously !
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