Monday, July 5, 2010

Kyan's birthday outing

Monday, July 5, 2010
Date : 3rd July 2010
Time : koNONNYERR 12.00 pm but started at 12.45pm?
venue : WongKok at pavillian, GSC at times square

*the birthday girl* !!!

you're now legally 18 and don't play play ! haha

anyway, firstly i reached pavillian at about 12.20pm thinking that im late and better be quick
brother drop me off at, so i walked all the way to pav.
reached there asked the fron counter where's wongkok head up but don't seem to find wongkok but only TGI fridays.
so i called angel *no one pick up*
called sukkhuan *no one pick up*
called keiyan *no one pick up*
i almost went crazy that time.

then i received a call from sukkhuan
first sentence she said " JOOEE IM LOST !!!*
btw,she's at raja chulan monorail but dont know how to get to pav.
all the chaos , keiyan called and said she's STILL IN THE MONORAIL !
so i quickly told her to help sukkhuan that is lost in raja chulan !! KAhHAhaah
at that time i found out ! IM THE ONE THAT REACH EARLY !!!
thank you very much.
so i went to times to see there's anything to buy and met sonia & amanda which is also at pav to celebrate another friend of theirs with the same birthday as kyan.
at last humans are at wongkok. phewww.

*this is wad i ate*

*free drinks that we got since its kyan's bday*

*made by khoimeng its reallly pretty !!!*
do u think its eatable?

*the cake that got knocked here and there* kesian cake.

The S.O.T + orang yang balik awal

*the S.O.T* hmm not really its *T.S.O*lol

*everyone except moky and her friend cause they not yet reach at that time*
angel,me and suk is also not in picture
im basically the one and only with camera?

*this is a better group photo with everyone !*

there goes the crap at wongkok.
and ANGEL THAT needs to leave early cause her bro is reaching the airport at 2pm
then she gotta go to seremban right after that so she went home first.

*cheers to the mirror*

*highlight of the day*

*hello hello*

then we walked to times square to watch knight and day !!!
it was a FUNNY MOVIE !! i laughed like orang gila? im not so sure...
commenting each and every scenes openly such as "ei,he's doing 3 point turn*
then moky said " this movie make girls looks so stupid* there's a bunch more !!!

*6 of the movie tickets,these numbers are seated by jordan,sukkhuan,jooee,moky,khoimeng,moky/khoimeng's friend*

overall its exciting. cause the movie is really funny and there's more awesome movie for me to catch up !
then after that they went to eat ice-cream and i went home after that !
cause i need to reach home to go out for dinner with family.
an exciting yet a tired day also !
hope to see ya all SOON ! everyone is sooo BUSY !! there's no time left to meet up
especially GAAYA !!! she really busy !



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