Monday, July 5, 2010

THE 'P' in driving !

Monday, July 5, 2010
just figured out i got something to update for my blog
soree no pictures cause i didn't take any during the driving test
Date : 28th of June
Time : 8.00 am - 11.30am
Venue : Surfine hightech

firstly, I CAN NOW DRIVE ! not exactly can drive but still i will not be caught by police for driving without a license.
it was rather scary cause i was at number 38 initially but cause some people wasn't there so i end up to be number 33.
seeing like 30+ people before me doing the slope is freakking scary !
i mean some made it on the yellow line budden they didn't accelerate fully to prevent the car from moving BACKWARDS after they release the handbrake.

i was totally shocked to the extend i don't even wanna look at all
and kept talking to a random girl which lines up behind me
ends up i was able to made it to the slope and down then to the parking smoothly.
but the girl behind me failed that one.
i was lucky to get a new car since there's a guy there asking me i wan old or new car.
i said NEW !!! cause there's one old car which made basically all the people that rode on it FAILED EVEN THE GUYS !

next, ON THE ROAD test.
waited for around 20 minutes and its my turn.
the examiner was just quite annoying.
he just sit there and by the time i start to drive it
he keeps NAGGING !!! NON-STOP !
kiri sikit kanan sikit. tekan minyak. cepat sikit. and yada yada
btw, i drove the viva car instead of kancil so im not so used to how much should i press at a certain speed.
so i took the safe way by going slow and he keep saying CEPAT SIKIT !!!
i was basically cursing in my heart but says minta maaf encik to him *instructor taught me to do this*

anyway, im still not use to driving at all
like i said before
not a fan of driving ! seriously !


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