Saturday, August 7, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Date : 31st July 2010
Venue : Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Time : evening until the next day morning. only reached home at 3am after buying McD's GCB for a super late nite/morning dinner?

i've been despretely wanting to go to mtv world stage but didn't obtain any tickets UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE !
firstly thanks to 'you know who you are' for the extra ticket *KAMSHAMIDAHH*
but with only 1 ticket i only can go by gonna dump my sister anyway.
so on the day before the event my Wonderfuls are still holding some contest on fb to give out tickets.
the desperate me/ wanting my sister to go together so that i would have no problems in transport entered every contest from the wonder girls MY fb acc.
turns out. didn't win even 1 ticket at all !
seriously lost hope.

BUT the next morning (on the event day itself) the admin PM-ed me on fb asking me whether am i free or not ! and by there i obtain 1 ticket for my sister !!!!
was a total hush hush to sunway pyramid because sis only reached home at 4.15pm and rush all the way to sunway and the JAM !! OMG soo traffic.

basically was running in sunway pyramid to look for the person who's giving me the ticket !
and run all the way back to sunway lagoon and searched for 'you know who you are' and get the ticket. i was already sweating like crazy !
you can actually see the queue was veryy long already but somehow the space right after the barrier is where people just cut into the line and SO DID I ! people just willingly let us go though there.hAH
and suddenly it started to RAIN !*omigoshh*
by the time i got pass the security and got the paper fan and the plastic raincoat(poncho ah issit?) the rain is just POARING !
wore the stupiak plastic thing to keep myself dry and walked all the way to surf beach !

did i mention i got the normal ticket zone?
and when i reach there was planing to stand at the middle right in front of the barriers
BUT suddenly got some people asking the security to let them into the VIP zone
and the guard intentionally didn't allow but then he then open to the few people there and me ans sis just follow them in !
and ahahah IM IN VIP ZONE right in front of the stage ! kahahhaha

*sis left camera in the car so only got this picture took using her phone*
*fyi :my phone went crazy and i just got it fixed and the picture i took is not in the memory card, thus i conclude my phone went crazy when i was entering mtv world stage.*

then about the performance
first up BUNKFACE
i never really hear their songs before even if im a MALAYSIAN
but i can say they are good ! at least i know the TM song i think. hhaha
they were great !
then the MTV VJ from korea,china, and etc came out to talk.
and yada yada. and due to the rain many problems came out
it took about 30-45 minutes just to wait for wonder girls to perform !
*this is where i went crazy basically*
i was basically shouting and dancing and singingalong with a bunch of guys that are wonder girls fans*
and Wonder Girls did another time of 'NOBODY' at the end of the show
because the screen got short circuit when they perform the song before this

*Nobody - Wonder Girls*
i got perfect view cause im at the front and i can stand on the barriers's leg which make me stand taller. *my sis took this vid*

then waited almost 1 hour for TOKIO HOTEL TO APPEAR
they sang the MOST SONG
everyone were just moving their heads and hand and shouting !
they did a great job in performing and they even throw the guitar pick and drum stick.
all of those fall right in front of me ! *what a waste*

then another 1 hour +++ for katy perry
my dad already called like crazy and i guess he got more frustrated when he couldn't call my phone (cause my phone went crazy until cannot on already)
i seriously didn't regret waiting for katy to perform !
many people there already keep booing the VJ when they appear and some even couldn't stand cause of hunger and thirst of standing there soo long *fyi,NO WATER BOTTLES ALLOWED*
and after the event i found out the people are selling cold drink at RM5 !!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT !
*Katy performing Teenage Dream*
she even performed PEACOCK which her first time ever performing the song ! AND WOOTS, malaysians got to enjoy it first !! ahhahaha
she started the show with california girls and basically throughout her performance everyone is singing along !
too bad i didn't get to grab the enormous cherry *its the stage deco* which she throw toward my direction . sob sobs

it all ended after wonder girls perform the last stage and even when u wanna leave, there a HUMAN TRAFFIC.
cause to leave there a few escalator to go though
the security didn't want the escalator to breakdown so they stop once there's too man people on it. and all of us must wait in order to go up.

then, its time to go back and we are in need to WATER !
went though mcd and bought GCB and makan-ed.
and the after effect from that day
  1. still very hyper
  2. sore hand
  3. sore legs
  4. muscle pain
  5. feeling tired for 2-3 days.


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