Saturday, October 30, 2010

Legally 18

Saturday, October 30, 2010
OH YESH ! im legally 18. *on 19th October,2010 (sorry for this really late blog post)* no worries on getting checked for my IC when watching 18 above movies. some cinema's are just really strict !
First of all THANKS TO EVERYONE for wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~!
my birthday falls on Tuesday.

so buddies-ku except Gaaya took out some of their precious time to come out and have a pre-birthday for me !
its been hard for everyone to even meet up wish all the clashes of time then test then exam then on study mode.

Date : 16th October
Venue : Times Square KL

its a quite oh-so-tiring to begin with SINCE I WAS NOT INFORMED THAT IT CHANGED TO TS FROM PAVILION !
this how it goes. i reached pav. with mom then i just walked around with mom at parkson while waiting for people to call me that they reach.
then someone CALLED ! i picked up the phone and THAT WAS A DEADLY PHONE !

angel : Where are you arr Joo Ee?
me : pavilion la
angel : ooohhhhmyyyygoddd then passes the phone to keiyan

after that call i ends up walking ALL THE WAY TO Times Square !
got a little sesat in sg. wang cause for some reason i couldn't find Giant. HAhahaa
then at LAST i reached TS. then went and makan-ed.
its the first time seeing Sukkhuan after she ditch us for a few times !
and Kyan being all innocent face *hrmppppp. still angry*

anyway , makan-ed and makan-ed
and i discover many new things is keiyan can't determine whether the fish is cooked or not and she rather have it BURNT !

and thanks for the cute cute doggie which got named all the sudden by these WEIRD people called benrue.
just because my dog at home is called rueben doesn't mean that its BENRUE !!!
*** i showed it to rueben and he stared at it for quite a long time*hahah

and of course need to thank my college mates for wishing me a happy birthday
and thank you for the slice of secret recipe cake !!! * LOVING IT !*
eating the cake right before malaysian studies class !! HAHAHhaa
also thanks to my Biology lecturer Ms.Mabel for wishing me *the Greatness of Facebook*
thank you very much !

i can say its quite a busy day on the 19th actually. with soo many things to do

and last but not least THANK YOU to mama,papa,cheche and gorgor *lolx*
had a nice dinner *YUMMY*
one thing that made me the happiest is MOST OF THE TIME FOOD ~!
i've also been stealing chocolates that my bro's friends bought from somewhere.
and sooo NICEE And YES IM GAINING WEIGHT AGAIN ! agh. diet diet
but when trials is just days away. its hard for me to diet as i must basically eat when im studying..

till then. byebybye

*sorry for the amount of dust collected in this blog due to long term without any updates. !


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