Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting & promoting The Faceshop

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Date : 4th December 2010
Time 5.00 pm to 6.00pm
Event : Kim Hyun Joong fanmeet

pictures grabbed from sister's blog. if you want to see more pictures of the event go to her kpop craze blog at http://jooyingobsessions.blogspot.com/.
reached pavillion at around 12 noon and there's already a bunch of fans sitting in line there.
so ME who wanted lunch badly went and buy some bread at 'The Loaf' with my cousin.
and bought some bread and i loved my chicken ham !
then we basically just ate and talked and talked and my cousin (eunice) and her friend jiyen are seriously into korean variety shows which scares me at some point that i was like HUH?!
and YES WAITED THERE SUPER EARLY when the event only starts at 5.30 pm !

and speed up the pace........tadaaa he arrived and im glad there's no late for 1 hour thing happening !
and i was basically got pancaked by the people at the back cause they don't seem to understand the word DON'T PUSH !

and HONESTLY ! when he appeared and i saw his the REAL PERSON. i was like hrmm. tall guy indeed, hairstyle like baekseungjo(his character in playful kiss), and dressing in full BLACK. and hrm nice looking guy. I didn't went all crazy though.

also there are some chinese girls at the back of me kindda pissed me off as they are speaking as if they don't even know any simple manners at all ! like COME ON STOP kicking my butt with ya LEG ! pushing me wont get u any nearer la !*don't even wanna mention the amount of curses they spit it our of their mouths!*

and thats him staring to the place im standing. he SERIOUSLY just STARE ! probably because some people are just going crazy there.
and for the first time i find the bodyguards are humorous ! after my past experience on other events the bodyguards *psst.psst. BEAST showcase* are just a pain in the ass.

partly because there's a bodyguard. he's probably Kim Hyun Joong's personal bodyguard and he dresses all well in his suit during the event and starts holding his sunglasses by putting it on and off AS IF HE'S THE STAR ! hahha
he came towards our site as some fans just kept pushing and the barriers kept moving forward. this korean bodyguard was trying to calm the fans at the back by WANTED TO ASK them to move to the back BUT once he wanted to speak he realized that nobody's gonna understand korean. so he needed to grab a staff to help him translate !! total epic moment !

not gonna say much since this fanmeeting is just sign,wave,smile, and bye bye

after the event. went and eat at sakae sushi and talk talk talk drink and eat sticky (the sweet. its AWESOME how they handmade the sweets) and then head to watch harry potter with a 2nd row from screen !
even though its near but the chair is more slanted and its actually FUN to sit that near cause it like we're actually experiencing the whole movie *especially the snake part that made SOMEONE screamed !! haha*

and at the end. only reached home around 1am.

to the next day.
Date: 5th December 2010
Time 10.30 am- 11.00am
Venue : The Faceshop Pavillion

reached pavillion at 9.45am and pavillion only opens at 10 am there are some fans already waiting there.
and once the doors open people basically gushed themselves to the faceshop but there's not much space outside the faceshop so i decided to go up the escalator and have view from the upper level.
and apparently, jay park's hi-5 event is at celcius so at around almost 10.15am you could see a big bunch of korean jay park fans were at pavillion as their event at celcius ended so they were walking at pavillion.
and when hyunjoong arrived. it was like EVEN FOREIGNERS were standing with the fans wanting to see who's this oh so famous fella !! haha
i estimate there are like 80 fans at pav. and fans all went crazy and i was just standing upstairs while my sister doing up and down the escalator to take pictures ! haha all the sudden EARLY IN THE MORNING AT PAV. everyone started to gather.
not long after he signed the board. and so called tour around the shop and pictures with media.
he is headed to sunway pyramid to visit the faceshop there. me and sis didn't plan to go there since its quite far
and im glad we did not go there cause sunway pyramid was SWARMING WITH fans and curious shoppers.
compared to pavillion i think sunway have like 50 times the number of people in pavillion.
and they say he only stayed at sunway pyramid for like 10 minutes !
thus, the end of the hectic weekends. just TOO BAD i didn't get to see PARK JAY BUM (ex-2PM member) cause his showcase is at berjaya hotel and hyunjoong is at pavillion on the same day.

*psst... im going for wonder girls concert in genting this saturday !*


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