Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Social Network

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Date : 22nd November, 2010
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
Event : Advanced/ special screening of The Social Network

Eventually, I won myself 4 tickets to watch this movie from Hitz.fm by calling in.
how i win it? saw the questions posted by the DJ Jin on Hitz fm and it ask what is hitz.fm facebook page.
all the sudden it gained my interest and started listening to the cue for the call in.
when the listeners are given the cue. called hitz.fm and... oh yesh i got into the line.

 again THANKS TO HITZ.FM for the tickets. and one thing that is great about hitzfm is all winners get awesome seats in the cinema. you can see that the front seats are all empty.
another point is that i was lining up at the nuffnang queue not knowing its NOT hitz.fm queue cause nuffnang queue is wayyyyyyyyyy long and i didn't notice at the front there's a hitz table which is totally NO QUEUE at all !! hahah

so my review on this movie.
i would rate is 4 out of 5 cause its a good movie. but it shows that Mark (the creater of facebook) was a JERK and BETRAY his friend. like the picture on top it describes him TOTALLY !
at the beginning of the movie is actually struggled to understand what's he's trying to say cause he speak wayyy too fast but it becomes better after that.
this movie actually tells you how 'the wall' 'profile page''news feed' are created.
it shows how it becomes the facebook now from a typical social network for Harvard students then to more universities until the betrayal.

THERE"S ONE THING THAT SERIOUSLY DISTURBING as JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is kindda like the 'bad/evil' character which causes all the chaos in improving and taking facebook to the next level.

and psst.psst. if you going to watch the movie check out mark's namecard that reads I'm CEO...B**ch! and it is said that he ACTUALLY has a set of those namecard. 

thats all for my post on this movie~~!!
its been wayyy longggggg since i ever blogged. Haha will be seeing me MIA again as my edexcel Alevels exam is coming this JANUARY ! won't wanna screw it !


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