Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wonder Girls - the 1st Wonder Live in Malaysia.

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Date : 11 December 2010
Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting
Time : 8pm
Event : The 1st Wonder Concert Live In Malaysia 2010

First, the tickets to wonder girls concert. I actually won tickets to the concert.
the first one was by ! THANK YOU LOADSSS saw it on my twitter that they are giving out tickets.
and as usual be the first caller and sing wonder girls 'nobody' and tadaaa you'll win 2 tickets for the rock zone.
was listening to online one night and OMG heard the cue and quickly called them and YES !!! im the first caller in. sang a part of nobody and won my self 2 tickets to go see the WONDER GIRLS ! the last time i see the wonder girls perform is at MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. its nice to see sms sent by them to remind you as one of their winners !! 

the tickets and see the RM 0 . LOL !

and thank goodness dad would be free on that day to go all the way to genting~~! yay. and what seriously shocked me was on there's one evening where i suddenly received a call and they were like 'congratulation you just won yourself tickets to see the wonder girls' i was half asleep when i picked up the phone. so i was like ' yeah' and they verify whether its me and stuff and said they will send the details to my email. and then i found out i won another 2 ticket *but not rock zone its the seatings one* from genting. Checked their facebook page and saw this

The winners for the Wonder Girls contest are...Tan Jit Ren and Lim Joo Ee! Congrats to the both of them. And a big thank you goes out to all who participated! If you didn't win, don't let this stop you from goin' to the concert to watch the sexy girls' first ever concert in Malaysia! :)

 at the end. my mom wanted to go and see the concert so she pulled dad along with her!
so on that day, at around 3 pm head to genting. stopped by gohtong jaya to eat lunch cum dinner.
reached genting and as usual PARKING is always an issue. went and collect my ticket and it was freakking hot in KL that day but cold at 16-17 degree LOVE ! mostly the rock zone people lined up outside as others are all numbered seats. the media kept on asking the fans to chant and stuff so me & sis just kindda HELPED them since most of the fans there seems to be the 'im a wonder girls fan but im quite'.hhahaa

went in the arena of stars and when its strikes 8pm the whole venue is filled with people ! i seen a lot people buy tickets on the day itself at the counter.concert starts  a few minutes later but the opening is done by malaysian artist such as henley (project superstar 2 winner), Lau Wan Yin (hokkien singing competition) and Iz Sulaini (one in a million finalist). i can say that their performance were good !

wonder girls appear and the crowd went crazy EXCEPT the people at the VVIP that bring the WHOLE family consists of people that didn't some to enjoy but scold some fans to call them to be quite*i even saw one grandma vomited at the dusbin after the concert*.anyway i find it fun to be at the rockzone

the crowd

the organisers of the event
they sang most of their songs and i loved sohee's solo performance of 'single ladies' and also yubin's 'So What'. it was a short concert but it made me gona crazy *probably because im at rock zone and standing makes a person more hyper i guess..ahhaha* as i know wonder girls even got a fan up to the stage and the GUY got a ENORMOUS PINK BEAR and i yelled 'A GUY DON"T NEED A PINK BEAR' and the people in front of me which is the VIP seatings people were just laughing at my statement but ITS TRUE !!
this is given by the organisers and its as hard as a CARDBOARD so didn't bother to hold it as i will just eventually block people's view at the back.
 this time for their last performance of 'nobody' in different languages they wore the red one instead of the classic silver one ! haha and as usual the closing speech of we'll be back to Malaysia and poof they are gone. some people even spot some mistake in their opening speech such as sohee's introduction speech where she said "KAMI SOHEE" instead of "SAYA SOHEE" so people just guessed that wonder girls eventually become SOHEE ! 
 after the concert went out and there a crowd outside the the road on the way to first world as some people are waiting for wonder girls to leave the concert as they saw the white car parked there. my mom wanted to wait there but my dad was basically asking my mom to go! EPIC ! and then we went to the GRAND sale there and shopped like crazy !and its almost midnight already ! then all the way back to KUALA LUMPUR ! can even feel the temperature change from cold to super hot ! then went to a place near my house to have some food since we didn't eat any dinner ! and the most scary thing is there's a group of people sitting at the table beside my family AND they also just came back from wonder girls concert. FOUND out when my sis was replaying the videos she took and they guy was saying "hey they went too" and there's one guy from the group starts to talk about kpop like ' there's actually 3 main entertainment company in korea like JYP,SM and YG and wonder girls is under JYP which is also RAIN'S ex-company and yada yada" . woahhhh scaryy.. ! 
and can watch the videos that my sis took at her BLOG and can easily search at youtube.
me and sis after concert ~!


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